10 Cool Gadgets you must Look out for in 2019


With so many newly advanced gadgets coming out in the market on every other day it may become a little difficult for you to keep track of it. Don’t worry we have got it covered. Here is a list of 10 cool gadgets that you should lookout for in 2019.

  • Gillette Heated Razor

This is one of the newest innovating of the Gillette and in no time has gained wide popularity among its customers.  It heats up instantly at 122 degrees in no time. This is a razor that will give the feel of a barbershop treatment.

  • LG Signature OLED TV R9

This TV can stretch up to 65 inches and still roll up to fit into a small compact box.  It features a 4k HDR pictures quality and an amazing sound quality. But what makes it unique is its outstanding feature of being folded up to Na extent that you a literally fit it into a small box.

  • Withings Move Activity Tracking Watch

This smartwatch will keep a track of your daily activities and will also monitor your sleep schedules. It has a GPS tracker and can work up to 18 months without requiring any battery charge. 

  • MoodoGo Portable Diffuser

This is an aroma diffuser based on smart technology. It needs a USB power supply and already has four scent capsules which are interchangeable. Thus you can have your own personalized aroma filling home with good vibes only!

  • Harley-Davidson LiveWire Motorcycle

This is the gen motorbike in the Harley Davidson with the motorcycle being completely electronic.  It is perfect for riding on urban streets as since it is electronic it makes no noise and runs eco friendly. Also it has no clutch or gear shifting for the acceleration purpose thus making it quite easier to drive in the urban area.

  • Nreal Light Mixed Reality Glasses

This is a kind of mixed reality glass that allows you to have the best of both worlds. You can use this to take whatever you are seeing in the real or the virtual world.  These ready to wear glasses are those light glasses which will let you experience amazing sound quality, voice control and many other features.

  • Mophie Juice Pack Access

This gadgets is one the most practical and actionable gadgets of them all.  This allows a person to charge their phones while they are still suing their headphones. It gets the power form the charging pads of Qi wireless. Its battery life is quite appreciable as it can last for up to 31 hours.

  • Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant

The beauty of this smart clock lies in its simplicity. It won’t just do video conferencing or streaming TV channels but it also charges phones, tells time and gently wakes up gradually brightening up before the morning alarm rings. This small yet edgy clock will not just beautify your wall but also act as an intelligent gadget making your life easier.

  • Samsung TVs: The Wall and the Frame

As the name suggests, this gadget comes with a new kind of screen with astonishing picture quality and other modular features. Also when nobody will be watching the TV, the screen automatically turns into a beautiful frame display painting.

  1. KitchenAid Cook Processor Connect

This is a kitchen appliance that is life saviors or all those who can’t cook. This all rounder machine can chop and stir veggies, knead the doughs, steam the food that is being coocked.  Also it has 100 different recipes with step by step process.  Basically it is the upcoming king of the kitchen!

Thus technology never fails to surprise us. And with these trendy cools gadget with its multiple functionalities they are surely going to the rule market in 2019.

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