10 Coolest Hidden Features of Windows 10

While the company was more than happy to tell us about a bunch of new features, they left a few for us to explore and find out. After all, we all love surprises! Here are some of the best things we found out while exploring the OS.

best hidden features of windows 10

Adjustable Start Menu:

This is customization at its best. Users can simply use the default column for the Start Menu or drag around the margins according to their liking. Some may prefer a broader canvas, while some want to reduce them to Windows 7 proportions; Windows 10 takes care of each of them equally!

Spoken Reminders:

The digital assistant Cortana, developed by Microsoft for Windows, can listen for spoken commands by the user. Accordingly one can save information in the calendar, mail or reminder!

“Hey Cortana:”

Just like Siri in iOS, the digital assistant Cortana can keep chatty users engrossed. You just have to switch on the Cortana’s settings and flip on “Hey Cortana”, just to wake it up with the same command the next time.


Based on your searches and browsing history, Cortana attempts to decipher your personal tastes. However, this might not be reliable always. So, just hit the notebook icon in Cortana’s settings and fill your preferences directly.

Refined Searches:

The search bar in the Start Screen is customized to simultaneously search among your personal files as well as the internet. Two buttons appear when you search for a term, namely “My Stuff” and “Web”, and you can choose according to your needs.

Forget-Me-Not Files:

Did you forget the name of the PowerPoint Presentation you prepared a month ago? No worries. Just type “.ppt” in the search bar, and Windows displays all saved .ppt files, which can be further sorted according to relevance and time. Same goes for Excel and Word as well.

Reading List:

Apart from adding a webpage to favorites list using the star icon in Microsoft edge, one can also use the second option present there to save a story to a “Reading List”. This save the webpage for future reading purposes, whenever times permits you to.


One can find a pen and notepad icon in the upper left hand corner of Microsoft Edge. Once you hit it, the webpage goes into mark-up mode. You can then edit the markup using highlighters, text editors and further share it via e-mail.

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are some interesting keyboard shortcuts introduced along with Windows 10. The first is Win-Tab. This brings up Expose-like interface, so that you can switch between multiple desktops quickly. Additionally, in order to move between virtual desktops, simply press Ctrl-Win-Right or –Left. Windows 10 has made life really easy!

Makeover of Notifications

Windows never had a unified notification system. They were mostly constrained to small bubbles in the bottom right corner of the desktop screen. Windows 10 however places this bar in a more prominent position. Dropbox, as an example, now shows notifications in a larger pop up window placed at the upper right corner of the screen.

Windows 10 is surely one of the best OS to be developed by Microsoft, and these shortcuts further add to the beauty and mystery of the OS. These make it all the more cooler, for that geek in you to explore and enjoy!

Christopher Benitez

Christopher Jan Benitez is a professional freelance writer who provides actionable and useful web content to small businesses and startups. He co-founded Authority Writing and is currently working on establishing a digital marketing agency to further help business to jumpstart their online presence. In his spare time, he religiously watches professional wrestling and finds solace in listening to '80s speed metal.

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