Air gestures for HTC One and other android phones

Air swiper app is an app that will give you gestures similar to the ones that the Galaxy S4 has, answering a call by waving hand across top of screen etc.  This app should also be compatible with LG, Motorola and more.

  1. SMS Controls
  2. Unlocking and locking the device
  3. Sound Controls
  4. Wireless controls

Air Swiper app

air gestures app

This application allows you to work more effectively and faster with your phone. It makes your life easier as well as using your smartphone. It is very useful, when you have got dirty hands or you are in a car.

-Unlocking and locking the device & disabling a lockscreen
-SMS controls
-Sound controls
-Toast message on new SMS received.
-After boot application will turn on or off everything you have had selected before in the application.
-Wireless controls – Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, can be now turned OFF or ON by simple motions.
-Turn off lockscreen by swiping over your device sensor.
-Turn on device screen by swiping over the device sensor.
-Notification in statusbar
-Uninstall button
-Game mode – Turn on when playing games or using applications which needs proximity sensor.

You can read more in the application.

Developer do not have any liability for any damages caused by application. You are using it at your own risk.
Developer do not have any liability for any damages caused by improper operation.
Please, use all features with reasonably.
Never use the application while driving! Always pay attention to the traffic and health of yours and others!


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