HP Envy Recovery when Windows 8 does not start correctly

HP Envy factory recovery when Windows 8 does not start correctly

If Windows 8 does not open correctly, perform the following steps to recover the computer:
NOTE:If the recovery partition on the hard disk drive is not functioning correctly, this method does not work and an error message appears. If an error message indicates that System Recovery cannot be run from the startup screen, a set of recovery discs or a recovery USB flash drive is needed to perform a system recovery. Follow the instructions listed in one of the following sections, depending on the recovery media available: Starting the recovery from recovery discs or Starting the recovery from a USB flash drive .
  1. Turn off the computer.
  2. Disconnect all connected devices and cables such as Personal Media Drives, USB drives, printers, and faxes. Remove media from internal drives, and remove any recently added internal hardware. Do not disconnect the monitor, keyboard, mouse, or power cord .
  3. Turn on the computer and repeatedly press the F11 key, about once every second, until theChoose your keyboard layout screen appears, then follow these instructions:
    1. Click to select the keyboard layout.
    2. The computer restarts. If the recovery partition on the hard disk drive is functioning correctly, the Choose an Option screen appears. Click Troubleshoot .
      Figure 19: Choose an option screen

      hp dm6 recovery keys

    3. On the Troubleshoot screen, click Recovery Manager .
      Figure 20: Troubleshoot screen

      Illustration: Troubleshoot screen

    4. On the OS selection screen, click Windows 8 . Recovery Manager opens.
      Figure 21: OS selection screen

      Illustration:  OS selection screen

  4. Under I need immediate help , click Minimized Image Recovery .
    Figure 22: HP Recovery Manager main screen

  5. When Recovery Manager prompts you to back up your files, select a backup option:
  6. If you have already backed up personal files or you do not want to back up personal files, select Recover without backing up your files , then click Next . Continue to the next step.
  7. show

    If you want to back up your personal files, follow these steps to create a backup.
  8. The HP Recovery Manager Welcome screen displays. Read the on-screen information, then disconnect any connected devices and cables, such as Personal Media Drives, USB drives, printers, and faxes. Remove media from internal drives, and remove any recently added internal hardware. Do not disconnect the monitor, keyboard, mouse, or power cord . ClickNext to continue.
    Figure 31: HP Recovery Manager Welcome screen

    Illustration: HP Recovery Manager Welcome screen

  9. HP Recovery Manager prepares the computer for recovery.
    NOTE:This process can take as long as 30 to 45 minutes. Do not interrupt HP Recovery Manager during the recovery process.

    Figure 32: Recovery preparation

    Illustration: Recovery preparation

  10. When recovery preparation is complete, click Continue to proceed to the installation phase of the recovery process. The computer restarts several times during the recovery. This is normal. Do not close, shut down, or disconnect the computer while HP Recovery runs.
    Figure 33: Recovery preparation complete

    Illustration: Recovery Preparation complete

  11. Recovery Manager reformats the Windows partition and reinstalls the original software.
  12. After the system recovery is complete, click Finish to restart the computer. Complete the setup screens and wait until the computer finishes the setup.
    Figure 34: Recovery complete

    Illustration: Recovery complete

  13. Once the setup is complete, turn off the computer, reconnect all devices and cables, then turn on the computer.
  14. Before using the computer, update and protect your computer. Reinstall any virus and security software that was installed before the system recovery.
  15. Reinstall any software programs that were added after purchasing the computer, as well as any files that were backed up.


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