Bypass K9 web filter

Sick and tired of that K9 babysitting you by blocking websites you love?  Here are some ways to getting around that annoyance.

K9 bypass web protection

Method 1

You can use windows explorer to go to c:\windows\system32\drivers and delete bckd.sys Make sure you keep a copy and DON’T empty the recycle bin. Reboot your computer and K9 will have been neutered. When you’re finished, copy bckd.sys back into the c:\windows\system32\drivers directory and reboot again.

Method 2

Goto C:\program files\blue coat k9 web protection\ and delete as many as files you can delete, rename the remaining files (rename k9 filter.exe to k9 filter.xxxx ) change the extension so that it is no more remain an executable(.exe) file.

Now, goto C:\windows\system32\drivers  it may be D: or any other drive. You must locate to ..\windows\system32\drivers. Now look for the “bckd.sys” file
and move this file to a different folder then restart.

After restart, for safe play delete the remaining k9 files and log folder from C:\program files\blue coat k9 web protection\ folder and now you can enjoy unrestricted browsing.


Another method

Download “Bypass K9 Web Protectionv1.2” from . You need to register first (Free) and then enter Members Area. This software has a feature to restore Admin original settings too.


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