4 Easy-to-Follow Tips to Get Great Results on Google Search Pages

The importance of Google as a tool for your digital marketing campaign is not a secret. On average more than 3.5 billion eyes of the people are glued to their devices every day to see the results of Google searches.

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Google can be used as a powerful source for growing your personal brand or sell a product on an e-store if you use it correctly. Some tips are provided hereunder to help you in achieving your goals of growth and marketing by maximizing your exposure and improving your search rankings.

Use extensions of Google Ads

To get success with Google Ads keywords play an important role. But it is not the only way to improve the effectiveness and accessibility of a PPC campaign. Callum Davies, the co-author for my book The Must-Have Guide to Google AdWords, explained in a conversation that you can easily add descriptive text to your ad without taking much space by using extensions. According to a case study, you can get another popular spot in Maps by using location extensions or price extensions to increase sales of certain services.

It becomes easier for small businesses to find options to achieve the goal of their content marketing campaign due to the availability of a wide range of extensions. According to Google Reports, the PPC rate of ads can averagely improve by 10-15% by using extensions. The quality score of your ad can also improve the results by using relevant extensions.

Use the power of Google Maps

Some tools can be stronger than Google Maps for local businesses. You can be sure about the search of you business through local searches by creating an account with My Business and including the extension of Google Maps in your marketing campaign with Google Ads. According to Bradley Shaw, an SEO expert, almost half of the searchers search for local businesses and more than 70% of them visit a genuine store within 5 miles from their location.

Jet Saini, CEO of Drip Digital, explained on a phone call that you need to do more than just listing your business with Google Maps to improve its Google rankings. The ranking of your map can be improved with three main things – relevance, prominence and distance.

He further said that your distance can be adjusted by the Google with how closely the person searching you is matching your listings. The reviews and SEO rankings of your business can help in determining its prominence. You need to use strategic location keywords and provide detailed information about your business to provide optimized results on Maps while searching on search engines.

Regulate the production of content

To improve Google rankings SEO is important. Constant delivery of relevant content can change your long-term SEO strategy by analyzing keywords thoroughly and including the best keywords in Meta descriptions and title tag etc.

You should focus more on the content beneficial for your customers as the sales funnel to improve its ranking in search results. Instead of designing the content to sell something you should make it entertaining and informative for your probable customers so that they can rely on the reliability of your information. The consistent updates on your website will help them to have a favorable impression about your brand as it will make your website an authoritative website with Google.

Start building quality backlinks ethically

You cannot improve the SEO ranking of your website just on the basis of your on-site efforts. You can increase the authority of your site by building links along with quality content. It can be great to start with writing a good blog post so that others can try to link with it for the purpose of getting information.

You can also generate quality backlinks, to get new customers for your brand, on the basis of creating profiles on the directories of high-ranking businesses like Yellow pages and MapQuest etc.

Your public relation efforts can also help in building lots of backlinks. According to Neil Patel, a blog post expert, you can link your content with the content of another website so that they can know that your prospective customers have enjoyed your article that was shared with them. Such interactions can play a valuable role in improving the ranking of your business site as you are not only building awareness for your brand but also developing relationships with your prospective customers and other site owners.

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