Melesta Games launches Toy Defense 3: Fantasy for Android!

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Seattle, USA –  Melesta Games has launched the Android version of Toy Defense 3: Fantasy. This newest instalment in the hit tower defense series Toy Defense, which has 15 million fans all over the world, is available for download now from Google Play. Toy Defense 3: Fantasy introduces a new world filled with magic where gamers create powerful armies of wizards and warriors to defend the kingdom against terrifying goblins, dragons and more!

Toy Defense 3 is a fantasy-themed tower defense game that combines the fun of toy soldiers with the thrill of magical battles between medieval knights and fairytale monsters.

Taking on the role of a powerful general, players must summon the bravest warriors and wizards in the kingdom to defend their lands from more than nine types of fantastical enemies, including goblins, dragons, and trolls.

Toy Defense 3: Fantasy invites tower defense fans to train their soldiers to perfection, build defensive fortresses, and develop the best strategies to defeat the armies of their foes.

Game features

* Unique levels and gameplay
* Inspiring fantasy atmosphere
* Beautiful graphics with detailed medieval environments
* Ability to compete or cooperate with friends through Facebook
* More than 9 types of enemies, from trolls and goblins to dragons and mercenaries
* Evil boss generals at the end of each wave
* 6 specialized tower power-ups
* Various warriors, from farmhands to knights
* Achievements to earn
* 4 spell bonuses: meteorite, recovery, regeneration, frost/freezing

Languages Supported:
* English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, French, German and Japanese

Toy Defense 3: Fantasy is only $1.96 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the Google Play in the Games category.

Melesta Games
Toy Defense 3: Fantasy
Download from Google Play
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Melesta Games is a premier game development company developing casual games across multiple platforms for more than 5 years. Company’s product portfolio includes more than 30 successful titles which top world game charts. Our games have been localized into more than 20 languages and are available in 60 countries worldwide. Copyright (C) 2008-2014 MELSOFT. Melesta is a registered trademark of MELSOFT, used to identify the company’s products. Melesta trademark is protected by Trademark Law. All Rights Reserved.

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