How to sim unlock the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4

sim unlock galaxy s4 unlock


This article is only for the T-Mobile Galaxy S4, it may also work on the AT&T version too.  If you want to unlock the O2 UK version, some people are reporting that they have had success with the method described in this XDA post I am about to link you to below.   <—- for 02 or orange mobile UK


Many people have tried this method with some success, but we CANNOT guarantee it will succeed for everyone.

You need to be on stock rom for this to work.
Here are the steps:

  1. Goto phone dailer, and enter *#27663368378# for the debug service menu.  Another way to get in to the service menu is *#0011#
  2. In “ServiceMode”, select [1] UMTS
  3. In “UMTS MAIN MENU”, select [1] DEBUG SCREEN
  4. In “DEBUG SCREEN”, select [6] PHONE CONTROL
  5. In “PHONE CONTROL”, select [6] NETWORK LOCK
  6. In “NETWORK LOCK”, select [3] PERSO SHA256 OFF
    It should show:
    SHA256_OFF => SHA256_ON
  7. Now touch the first line SHA256_ENABLED_FLAG[1]
    It should show:
    Current Command is 116631
  8. Now press the menu button and select “Back”
    It should show:
    SHA256_OFF => Not Change
  9. Again, press the menu button and select “Back”, and you’re back in the “NETWORK LOCK” screen
  10. Press the menu button and select “Back”, and you’re in the “PHONE CONTROL” screen
  11. Press the menu button and select “Back”, and you’re in the “DEBUG SCREEN” screen
  12. Finally, press the menu button and select “Back”, and you’re back in the “UMTS MAIN MENU” screen
  13. Select [6] COMMON
  14. In “COMMON” screen, select [6] NV REBUILD
    Now you are in the “NV REBUILD” screen, you should see the following text:
    Golden-Backup exist
    You can Restore Cal/NV
  15. Now for the final step.
    In “NV REBUILD” screen, select [4] Restore Back-up
    The button lights for menu and back should come on, and the phone will auto reboot in a few seconds.
    Note: chavxxx’s post of selecting “[1] Load default NV” DID NOT work for me.

For picture tutorials and more visit this Redmond Pie tutorial

Thanks and Credits go to Kaleido at XDA Forums


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