7 Apps That You can Use for Social Entrepreneurship


Social Entrepreneurship may not be a new concept, but its definition surely has changed over the years. Social entrepreneurs are individuals and professionals who are more attracted to social change rather than profit margins. There are so many individuals who are involved in using business resources and strategies to help underprivileged communities and socially deprive sections of the society. We can proudly say that social entrepreneurship has become more of an established business practice in today’s times. And as the digital world is growing, social entrepreneurship is only rising. It is empowering how businessmen are using internet and technology to create value. With so many mobile applications available, let us have a look at some of the most popular ones:

  • Atlas Run: In this app, the company needs to set up a challenge in the app, lie for example generating a certain sum of money in a specific period of time, to be paid to some community. So if the challenge is to complete 3 mile run for which the organization is giving $1,then when the challenge is complete, the amount is awarded to the community.
  • Micro Hero: This app involves answering a few questions for a survey that will allow you earn some real money for a nonprofit organization the company is supporting.
  • Fortition: With the selfie crazy hyping the internet, Fortition has taken advantage of this very trend. Using Fortition, you are required to take selfies and uploading it. So every time you upload a new picture or use a new filter, the company donates a certain amount to charity.
  • We Day App: Using this app, the company creates a challenge, and every time someone completes this challenge, some money is donated to some non-profit organization. We.org is the company behind this app, which has collaborated with many brand and charitable institutions.
  • Forward: Through this app, you can donate things that you wish to give away because you don’t use them anymore. What isn’t useful to you may be useful t someone else less privileged.
  • Budge: It is an app where you can put your friends for some challenge – while the winner can brag about it, the loser has to donate some amount to any organization that works with the poor and the underprivileged. The challenges include daily activities and donations can range from a dollar to about $5.

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