A.I. Trends that Define the Technology

A.I. is changing the world, even in our homes with a simple touch thanks to mobile app technology. It is becoming an increasingly ubiquitous trend — thanks in large part to the convenience and efficiency it brings.

A.I. is being introduced into an increasing number of areas in our lives — and if you’re a business owner looking to capitalize on the A.I. app market, make sure to find an app developer that knows how to create tools to increase productivity, accuracy, and to help make users’ lives easier. 

The right developer offering the right mobile app development services should not only be aware of the rising trends in A.I. — but should also be positioned to help you design an app that stands proudly in the space.

AI trends

Google Photos

One simple way that A.I. is helping users in their homes, is through Google Photos. This type of A.I. is quietly learning to understand the photos in your library, differentiating different images and associating them with labels. This is the same concept as face recognition technology. After enough time using this software, you may start to wonder how you ever got by with manually rearranging your vast collection of family photos.

Smart Entertainment

Behind every binge session on Netflix or curated Spotify playlist is a quietly listening A.I. that learns every time we search and watch something new. Their algorithms are becoming more sophisticated every year, becoming better and better at making recommendations and helping you find what you want faster.

App Developer

Choosing the Right Mobile App Developer 

Designing the right A.I. app requires a solid mobile app development team who will not only design a smooth UX but also create something that allows you to truly connect with users. When purchasing or subscribing to an A.I. app, users expect something that is efficient, modern and seamless. In order to deliver on these expectations, it takes a great developer to get the job done — and to your exact specifications as a business owner.

Designing the right A.I. app requires compatibility with native iOS and Android and so you’ll need to look for a development team equally versed in both. Guaraná Technologies is a perfect example of a development partner who specializes in loyalty apps for consumers and internal data apps for business, both of which can rely on A.I. to improve user journeys.

The right app developer should democratize the design process, making sure the client is involved in every step of the process to ensure their vision is never compromised.

First, they should define the scope with the client, working together to create a seamless vision. 

Then, they should build out a wireframe that outlines every feature and creates an outline of the practical functions of the app to their client’s specs.

They should be completely aware of the twin disciplines of UI (User Interface) and UX (or User Experience) and how they interact.

There should be ample time for development and testing, which ensures your app is bug-free and works perfectly. 

And finally, there is the release and QA. No app developer should disappear just because the app has launched. The right dev team should stand by and make sure QA goes smoothly post-launch.

Make sure you make the right choice when looking for a solid developer, so that every step of the process is productive and time is not wasted. You and your game-changing A.I. app will be happy you did.

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