AirGMS Rated Amongst the Top 5 in the “Best Innovation” Category – According to The Small Business BC Awards

AirGMS, a forward-thinking Airbnb management software company, has stormed to the final of the Small Business BC Awards. It seems that their commitment to improve the vacation rental industry and help hosts to develop their business has landed AirGMS a spot amongst the top five in the “Best Innovation” category.

Best innovation

It’s been a busy time for AirGMS, their painstakingly developed Airbnb management software is already used by thousands of hosts from all over the globe, but they aren’t the sort of company to sit back and take it easy! The company have a penchant for continuous improvement, and are always looking for new and improved ways to help hosts to boost their vacation rental business.

AirGMS have a flair for the development an introduction of new features, they were the first to introduce the booking alteration feature that is an extremely handy tool for editing the booking details. They are forerunners in automation, and if you add to this the features that let you synchronize your calendars from all platforms, automate communication with your guests, manage multiple Airbnb accounts and many more, you begin to appreciate how the company came to the attention of the Small Business BC Award judging panel.

Business award

With so many great businesses out there, competition is certainly fierce, and there’s more than a handful of companies vying to be recognized as purposeful entrepreneurs. The Small Business BC Awards are looking to do acknowledge the best of the bunch – and provide a welcome pat on the back to those who strive to make the most of their business.

Designed to celebrate the contribution of small businesses to their local communities and to the global economy, the Small Business BC Awards hosts its annual award ceremony on Thursday 21st February at the Vancouver Convention Center.

There are ten categories in all, and AirGMS will be competing against four other contenders for the accolade of “Best Innovation.”

The Best Innovation Award recognizes a business that has worked tirelessly to develop and offer pioneering technology to boost industry in B.C. AirGMS has been identified as one of the top 5 innovative businesses, helping to make the region and economy strong and prosperous.

Companies reaching a coveted top 5 spot are understood to have a beneficial impact on the community and on the industry in which they operate. It’s all about supporting research and development, coming up with new ideas, being a leader in technological concepts, having a positive impact (driving performance and revenue), and forming robust partnerships to promote their innovative technology.

AirGMS are committed to helping hosts to grow their vacation rental business, providing first-rate software that can take a business from strength to strength. They certainly deserve their top 5 spot amongst the most innovative companies in B.C.