Anything is better than Ultra mobile

If you are searching Google to see if Ultra Mobile is worth it, your search is over.  The answer is that you should steer far clear of Ultra Mobile.  I was on it for a few months, and it was the worst service I ever had.

Ultra Mobile sucks bad scam

Here is what is wrong with Ultra Mobile.

  • You have to dial the area code when you are calling.
  • The customer support peope don’t know what they are doing.
  • It is just a new MVNO that is giving last slots on number availability so you can’t even change your number to the area code of the area you live in.  When you call to get a for example 612 Minneapolis area code, they will give you area codes of places far away automatically.
  • When you try and call someone, they purposely give you a long quite time before it actually starts ringing.  This is their way of saving minutes (it is really secretly limited).  Simple Mobile does this thing too and I think so does Family mobile.  Let’s just pray they don’t do that same period of quite time before it starts ringing in the event of an emergency call.

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