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Ozzy Musa writes from Minneapolis Minnesota , and sold Techlivewire last year, but he now runsTech Lightspeed which is a growing tech review, tips and tutorials blog.

Jan 16

New Skin Tasting Wearables that could Detect Diabetes

By Osman | Technology


Patients with diabetes have to constantly monitor their sugar levels on a regular basis, by pricking the finger with the blood sugar meter, in the morning before breakfast, and certain cases before and after every meal. Irrespective of how you manage your diabetes, with regular exercise, or controlled diet, this regular blood sugar monitoring helps you figure out how your program is working. But this pricking and injecting can be a tedious job, often messed up, and not as smooth as doctor would do it.

In the past few years, a group of researchers led by Dae-Hyeong Kim from the Institute for Basic Science in Seoul, South Korea, have been working on more convenient ways to monitor diabetes. They have finally come up with a wearable patch that monitors the blood sugar levels and even comes up with medication every time the levels rise.

The technology uses an extremely strong and flexible carbon material, called graphene that is often used in wearable devices. Certain properties of graphene make it difficult to detect changes in sugar levels, but upon adding gold particles or surrounding a gold mesh to the graphene, this wearable can be made to work. Sensors in the patch pick up the sweat from the patient’s skin, detect the temperature changes according to the sweat’s pH, signaling any rise in the sugar levels. When a high level is detected, the heaters in the patch dissolve a layer of the coating, exposing micro needles that release a drug called metofomin, which is responsible for regulating the sugar levels and bringing them back to normal. The metofomin micro needles don’t cause any pain, just a slight tingle. If you are curious about your reading, they can be wirelessly transmitted to mobile phones.

Scientists and doctors across the globe believe that this combination can be effective, by consistently regulating the sugar level throughout the day. But there still are some unanswered questions as to whether this patch would be effective during vigorous exercises and whether this patch would be able to monitor for a full 24 hours.

Another significant improvement in the field of health.

Jan 09

Recommended Filters for Landscape Photography

By Osman | Technology

For a landscape photographer, filters to photography are like what adjectives are to writing. The right type of filter when added, even to the dullest of the images, has a large and real effect on your image. As you learn more about photography, you familiarize with the concept of editing and adding artificial filters and manipulations required to make image look fresh and natural. You may have the most expensive lenses, but the selection of the proper filter is actually far more important than any choice of lens or camera. There are mainly only 3 filters that professional landscape photographers recommend – polarisers, graduated NDs, and warming filters.

    If you are to take your landscape photography to a professional stage, a polarizing filter is a must-have tool for landscape photography. Polarising filters increase saturation giving richer, adding a more vibrant color to the photograph. This type of filter is responsible for the deeper skies, with the clouds that really standout in the pictures. It’ll boost the natural colours and reduce reflections and glares from water and foliage.
    While light is the most important element in your photograph, sometimes excess light can ruin the picture’s delicate sensibilities. A neutral density filter doesn’t affect the colours in your picture; its only purpose is to reduce the amount of light reaching your camera’s sensor. These filters are used to balance the exposures levels when you have a front that is much darker than the sky, a very common happening while taking landscape shots during the early and late “golden hours” around sunrise and sunset.
    Whenever you shoot in shade, at dusk, or under overcast skies (usually during the monsoon), the camera film will record tones with a slightly bluish taint.These images with are called “low key”. A warming filter gives your scene a slight orange tint, helping to reduce the cold, blue cast and breathe some life back into your image, adding a subtl tone to the dark picture.

Filters can vastly improve an image, and in some cases save images that might otherwise be too flat, with too much contrast, too blue, or too warm for your taste. Use a combination of the above filters, and come up with new techniques to make your images look ravishing. Let’s capture the beautiful pieces of nature as they are!

Jan 03

Useful Tips for Playing Online Casino Games

By Osman | Gaming

Online casinos have surpassed real life casinos in recent times. While classic casino places like Atlantic City are going bankrupt, online casinos are raking in big profits. It should be noted that when it comes to online casinos, there’s the real thing and there are the spam sites. If you are interested in gambling online, here are several useful tips to follow:

Find Safety in Software

Online casinos do have a dubious reputation. However, they are largely safe. There have not been major incidents where an online casino has run off with credit card information of clients. Most are serious businesses that make money from the gambling conducted on websites. The legal issues you may have heard about comes from tax issues pertaining to online gambling, not security problems. However, you should always be careful regarding the sites you trust your credit card information with. To know for sure whether a site is safe or not, check out who provides the gaming software. If the online casino relies on big providers like Boss Media, Playtech, Microgaming and Cryptologic, then the casino is quite solid. You can also check whether the casino company is listed on the stock exchanges. Then that’s a legit business.

Immerse Yourself in a Good Game

Online casinos nowadays offer hundreds of games, including a dizzying array of digital versions of traditional games like poker and blackjack. You can try your hand at everything, but it’s best to just focus on a few to make money. Some players make the mistake of believing that online versions of traditional games are the same as playing at a real-life casino. Not necessarily. Some online versions of traditional games are severely altered and may have adopted new rules. Consider for example,, a modern online version of the traditional casino roulette game. Immersive roulette is fun and exciting to play online, but it is not exactly the same as traditional roulette. So, it’s important to play around with these games for a while and get to really know the rules before betting big.

Slots Aren’t Everything

There are a good number of online slots games, so most people naturally veer towards them. But slots are not the only way you can make money online. Online versions of games like blackjack tend to give out higher payouts. Your mastery of the game you play matters as well. If you want to know which games are the best to play, find the ones that require skill and strategy, not just mere chance like slots.

Join a Community

If you find yourself at online casinos a lot, you can benefit most by joining up with gambling forums and similar online communities. You will be able to connect with other players to find great tips and tricks. You can also exchange strategy advice. Being a part of a community will make your gaming experience much more thrilling.

As always, you should be able to keep your enthusiasm for gambling in check when playing online. It’s far easier to get addicted online than at physical casinos.

Jan 02

Why you shouldn’t be carrying around Mobile Phone

By Osman | Phone

With so many of us carrying around our phones in our pant pockets or worse breast pockets, studies reveal that we are probably not supposed to be carrying them around. Apparently, there are serious medical ramifications due to the radiations emitted by the mobile phones.

There is actual toxicological and epidemiological evidence proving these claims- the cell-phone radiation interfere with the body at cellular level and mess up the DNA. The radiations are said to be able to breakdown the blood brain barrier, which protects the brain from foreign substance that may cause any damage. Since these radiations can alter the DNA, they affect the male fertility and change the brains’ metabolism. The sperm count and sperm mobility are greatly reduced. There was also a specific case of woman who developed a tumor in her breasts due to tucking the mobile phone in her bra. In fact the tumor was in a perfect shape of the cell phone. It is not only with the breasts, but men who carry their phone in the pant pockets or attach it to the belts have also faced a case of decreased bone density in the pelvic region due to these radiations. Men are advised to stop carrying their phones on their belts or their pockets, in close proximity to their reproductive organs. In addition to the reproductive parts, other sensitive organs such as the kidneys, liver, colon and bladder may also face serious effects due to these harmful radiations.

World Health Organization classifies the cell phones radiations as carcinogenic. In 2011, WHO issued a report claiming that these radio frequency electromagnetic waves may be cancer causing and long term usage of mobile phones increase the risk of probable brain cancer in humans.

Even the child inside the mother’s womb is at extremely high risk leading to thinner skulls, parotid gland tumors and brain tumors. Since in children, the cells reproduce more quickly, these radiations prove to be more deadly. Pregnant women are advised to minimize cell phone usage, because the child may develop hyperactivity and difficulties in expressing emotions.

It is 2017 already, and the landlines are long gone. So maybe it is time you breakup with your smartphones.

Dec 12

Best Photo Editor Apps for Androids

By Osman | Phone , Technology

These free apps will help you add the right effects to your clicks, and you’ll surely have an increased number of Instagram followers!

  • Bonfire Photo Editor Pro
    This increasingly popular app has many of the basic filters, with some unique ones, like Fancy, that turns the picture into a watercolor portrait.
  • VSCO Cam
    It is social media themed camera app, something like Instagram. But unlike Instagram, this application doesn’t drag the unnecessary fuss about the likes and comments; it simply allows photography lovers to upload their pictures, to share and to inspire. With a large base of photo-altering choices, VSCO Cam promises some great photographic moments.
  • Little Photo
    This app remains Google Play’s highest rated app till date, with a wide range of filters and effects, that aren’t typically seen in a free app. The users have the advantage of stacking multiple filters to a single photo, or reducing the effect of the filters.
  • Snapseed
    Google’s Snapseed provides such abundant choices of effects and filters, with great vintage grainy effects of 60s. This camera application is capable of brining almost any picture to life.
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop Express
    No one doubts an eye when it comes to Adobe softwares and applications. Lightroom allows you to add slew one-touch adjustments, while Express is for basic filters and effects, with an auto-fix option. You can get precise control over color, contrast and tone.
  • AirBrush
    AirBrush is for the selfies lovers. Quick fixes on the blemishes, skin toning, teeth whitening, reshaping tools, and plenty other tools will make you look your best.
  • PhotoDirector
    This newer app is for the ones who like to manipulate the photo technicalities. This app allows you manually change settings- with RGB color channels, HSL sliders, white balance and more in-depth editing options. PhotoDirector is for those who want more than just repetitive filters.
  • Photo Editor Pro
    Again, a very popular app with about 50 million downloads, PhotoDirector allows you a good mix of the filters and the regular manual editor options. You can find funny stickers and add short captions to turn them into memes.
  • Pixlr
    Also known as Pixlr Express, this is a very popular app a great variety of features and tools. It has a little something of everything, overlays, cosmetic editing options, and the regular editing options.
  • Cymera
    Even though you can use this app to edit any kind of photograph, Cymera specializes with portraits. With seven different kinds of lenses and four different recording modes, Cymera instantly improves clicks with realistic makeup effects.


With great camera features these days, the above photo-editing apps may provide some extra help to improve the quality of photographs.

Dec 05

How to Choose the Right Pair of Headphones

By Osman | entertainment , Music


With so many new designs coming up every year, choosing the correct pair of headphones may be a really confusing task. Instead of buying cheap plastics or expensive big cans, you need to find a pair of headphones that actually match the kind of music you listen to. It isn’t always about the brand or the looks or even the fact that you can hear your songs really loud during a bus ride- there is a lot of science and engineering put into designing of headphones. So you want to consider some points before you order a new pair of headphones this birthday.

  • The first thing you need to figure out is if you’ll be needing in-ear, on-ear or over-ear headphones. In-ears are the most comfortable kind, and the most portable of them all- each earbud fits into each of your ear canal. These can be easily wrapped and stored, so, best suited for travelling or jogging. While, on-ears literally on your ears, keeping the earcups (with a headband) on the ear, and not covering it completely, over-ears completely wrap around your ears. Over-ears provide a much louder and clear sound, but are very difficult to carry around, and therefore usually preferred for house or offices.
  • The next thing you need to consider is whether you want a noise cancelling headphone set. Noise cancellation technology involves drowning of certain sounds or disturbances in the surroundings. These have small microphones which block sound waves of opposite frequencies and cancel out regular droning noises like airplanes engines and air-conditioner noises. These are best for students who may find it hard to concentrate in a noisy environment, so, instead of just turning up the volume, you can use these noise cancelling effects of the headphones. Unfortunately these headphones are really costly, not all sounds are blocked, bulky and quality of sound may be compromised.
  • If you are considering buying wireless headphones, just keep in mind that their advantage does not lay in a superior music quality but only on extreme portability and the Bluetooth services. These headphones let you roam around cable-free, sparing you of the horror of tangling your headset. But again, the quality may not be top-notch.
  • For gamers, gaming headphones may be the best option. These headphones provide you with a virtual surround sound experience, which helps gamers to identify direction of the audio, for example, from which direction are the gunshots coming from.
  • Before you order your headphones online, you should read online reviews and if possible visit a local audio store and test different designs before you finalize one. Also make sure, the online store has a return policy since you want to try them on before you buy. Check warranty and durability, make sure they are comfortable. What is the point of buying expensive headphones, with superior sound quality, but irritate your ear or don’t fit properly?
  • When you are testing your headphones, make sure you test with some old music from the 70s. These days the music is compressed. Old or classical music will be better to test the range of your headphones.

Lastly, stick to your budget.

Nov 14

How to Fix an Overheating Laptop

By Osman | education


Does your laptop heat up so much that you start wondering if it would catch fire any moment now? Well, we may have some solutions to fix your overheating laptop.

  • The very first thing you need to find is where the heat is coming from- find out where the air vents are. You may have to clean these air vents because sometimes accumulation of dust may block the vent, restricting air flow and thus stopping the heat transfer. So look up into the laptop’s user manual and unscrew the fan doors to clean the insides using compressed air.
  • Another reason may be dried out batteries- bad batteries not only run slow, they also produce heat. So replace them.
  • Never put a laptop in a bag, unless it is switched off, hibernated or in the sleep mode.
  • Also, make sure you don’t put your laptop over a pillow or very soft mattress, or anything that blocks the air vents. Keeping a laptop is all about ventilation. Prefer keeping your laptop on a hard and straight surface while you are using it.
  • You can also invest in cooling pads- these are soft pads filled with crystals that remove heat away from the source.
  • Always keep the insides of your laptop clean. Dust under the RAM and the processor, internal hard drives. Sometimes laptops run hot even without having much data stored in the CPU, this is because of the clogged dust particles inside the laptop. Try cleaning out all these areas regularly.
  • The most common reason why your laptop heats up may be heavy load of data and files. Manage your processes better, lighten the processor’s load by changing the order of the startup processes, or install software that may help to manage clean history and cache files. You can also install software that will keep an eye on the temperature of your laptop and send necessary notifications.

Use these tips and give your overheating laptop a new cool!

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