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May 17

Is PC Gaming Better Than Console?

By Alex The Wonder Spud | Gaming

Gamers have been arguing for years over this matter. Is PC gaming better than console gaming? Please note that everything in this article is completely factual and correct at the time of writing.

First of all, the most common argument console gamers will use is that they can’t use a keyboard and mouse, or they don’t want to for gaming. You know what? That’s fine. Because if you buy lets say an Xbox 360 or an Xbox One controller, you can plug it straight into your computer and you can play your games with a controller. And if you use a keyboard and mouse, you’ll get used to it very quickly. The fact is, keyboard and mouse are better for FPS games. It may take you a long while to actually get used to them, but because of the freedom of the mouse and the sensitivity, a mouse is simply a better tool for FPS games like Call Of Duty and Battlefield.


Another popular argument is that console gamers want to sit on their sofa and play games, not sit at a desk with a smaller monitor. Well guess what? You can do that too! Just plug your PC into the HDMI socket of your TV, just like you do with your console, it’s really not hard.

Then there’s exclusives… I’m ever so tired of hearing about this one. Okay. If you’re a hardcore Halo fan, which I’m not, you can buy yourself an Xbox. If you really want to try out The Last Of Us, get yourself a PS4. Think Skate 3 is awesome? Great, grab an Xbox 360. If you really want to play a game that is exclusive to console (Double check first as most console games are on PC, too) then get a console! Simple as that. But here’s the thing that makes my blood boil…

PC has thousands and thousands of more exclusive titles than console. Yes, it’s true! For example, Amnesia, Arma 3, Killing Floor, The Binding Of Isaac, Guild Wars 2, Postal 2, World of Warcraft and countless more. A lot more than console exclusives. PC just has hundreds and thousands of more games than console.


Now we’re getting into the argument a bit deeper. Graphical capability. PC can handle more. There’s no doubt about it, it can play games at a higher standard. Not just texture graphics, but framerate and resolution as well. With PC, you can play games up to 4K resolution and a much higher framerate. For example, Grand Theft Auto V on console is locked at 30 frames per second, and even drops down lower sometimes. With PC, you can play GTA up to 60 frames. So it will run a lot smoother and faster than in would on console.


Let’s talk a bit about multi-tasking. With PC, you could play 2 or 3 games at a time depending on the amount of RAM your PC has. You can also minimize a game instantly and just open up Google Chrome and do a quick Google in a flash. You can also get more than just one monitor, so you can do lots of stuff at the same time. PC is easier to use.

Another phrase I hear console gamers say a lot is “I can’t build a PC”. First of all, you don’t have to build a PC. You can pick one from the shelf or order one online and just plug and play, like a console. Quick and easy. It is cheaper to build a PC and I would recommend doing so as it isn’t as hard as you probably think it is. A lot of console gamers tell me that the PC is stupid and it has to have a CPU and RAM. Please… Console has a CPU and RAM, it has mostly all the parts a PC has.


PC’s are upgradable. You don’t have to, but at any time you could open up your PC, put some more fans in, change your CPU, change you graphics card, get a bigger hard drive and so on. So many people say to me that they don’t want to upgrade all the time. You don’t have to, it’s only if you want to play newer games at a higher standard than console. Upgrading isn’t difficult nor is it expensive. All you have to do is sell the component that you’re going to replace and use that money and a little more extra money to buy a better component as a replacement. Just put it in how it was before, pretty simple.

Mods. Ahh, mods. How can you not love them? Yes, I know. There are certain mods and certain ways you can get them on console. But there are barely any mods on console, and putting mods on a console is insanely difficult compared to putting mods easily onto a PC game. This is another excellent reason why PC is better than console gaming.

Next on the list, aha! Cheaper games! Yes, that’s right! With Steam and Origin sales every day, you’d be able to grab some games for about 80% cheaper then they would be on console. You can grab some really great games like Half-Life 2 for less than a dollar. You can even buy Steam games on the internet by using activation keys. Sites like Humble Bundle and Bundle Stars do cheap bundles, so you could pay a couple of dollars for 10 or 20 great games.

No online fees! There are no extra fees for playing online with PC, it’s 100% free. A huge benefit!

“Yeah but PC’s are massive and take up too much space” What? I’m sorry, how about you pick up this tiny Alienware Alpha PC for just £498.99 plus free games?

So yeah. Get yourself a PC.

Jan 04

2014 In Gaming

By Alex The Wonder Spud | tech

Last year, 2014 saw the birth of many moments of gaming history. We saw new installments of Assassin’s CreedBorderlands and Civilization, as well as some new releases and hits such as Destiny, Watch Dogs and Titanfall.

Late 2013 was the birth of the next-gen consoles. Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. This left 2014 open for plenty of console gaming opportunities.

In January, Sony announced the new PlayStation feature “PlayStation Now“, a cloud-streaming service for PlayStation games. This had both positive and negative feedback from customers. Many people had problems with verifying ownership of the consoles and games.


Microsoft also got busy in January, purchasing the “Gears of War” franchise from Epic Games. SEGA also released Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for iOS and Android. Don’t Starve also arrived to the PS4. The infamous game, “Octodad” created a sequel as well, “Octodad: Dadliest Catch“, which was quite successful!


In Febuary, fans were disappointed to see that Irrational Games, creators of the famous BioShock series was shut down. Thief was also released, on Windows, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Febuary also saw the release of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, exclusive to Xbox consoles.

The biggest thing that happened in March was probably the purchase of the hugely successful company “Oculus VR“, creators of the Oculus headsets. Surprisingly, this war purchased by Facebook for a whipping $2 billion. Crikey! March also saw the releases of South Park: The Stick Of Truth, Dark Souls II, Titanfall and Infamous: Second Son.

In April, many game developers and companies did a great April Fools joke! Dark Souls II got an “Easy Mode”, EA’s Origin offered a “Boxed Service”, where you used your 3D printer to print your games at home. Mojang made everyone a long-nosed villager in Minecraft. Arma 3 got a kart DLC. Sony pranked everyone by offering “Sony Power Food“, enabling you to charge your phones, batteries and tablets by plugging them into cakes, energy bars and cereal. Titanfall got the Transformers Optimus Prime DLC. Worst of all, VALVE left thousands depressed and disappointed after confirming Half-Life 3, again… This time, they included what looked like promotional packaging for an exclusive Half-Life 3 Xbox One. No Portal 3 or Left 4 Dead 3 either… Well, thanks VALVE.


Goat Simulator was also released in April, originally thought to be a joke, however, it was not and the game became quite successful. April also saw the releases of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 game, which had terrible reviews and feedback from customers. Titanfall was also released on the Xbox 360.

In May, Nintendo discontinued the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection servers for the Wii and Nintendo DS games. “Goodbye, old classic multiplayer fun” says Nintendo, “come and buy our new Wii U!” May saw the releases of BattleBlock Theater, Tropico 5 and Watch Dogs, which was promoted largely by the Yogscast team.

The E3 2014 took place at Los Angeles in June and Nordic Games, creators of Red Faction and Alan Wake, bought THQ. EA also shut down more than 50 multiplayer games, leaving avid gamers devastated. June also saw the release of a new GRID game, GRID Autosport.

In July, Team Reptile, creators of Megabyte Punch, released Lethal League on Windows. I personally expected a bigger success from this, as Team Reptile definitely have potential.


In August, Activision revived the brand of Sierra Entertainment and EA released a subscription gaming service called EA Access for the Xbox One. Game streaming site Twitch was purchased by global online shopping company AmazonNintendo also announced the “New Nintendo 3DS XL“. Yes, they actually called it that.

August birthed the hugest and most memorable horror game of 2014, Five Nights At Freddy’s, a small game developed independently by Scott Cawthon. Instantly, thousands of Five Nights At Freddy’s videos spawned all over YouTube with people like Pewdiepie (Felix Kjiellberg), Markiplier (Mark Ficshbach) and iHasCupquake (Tiffany Herrera) playing it. By far, definitely a huge success for Scott. August also saw the final episode of The Walking Dead Season 2 game, “No Going Back“.

The biggest thing in September was definitely the purchase of Mojang, creators of Scrolls, Cobalt and of course..Minecraft. That’s right, Microsoft purchased Mojang for a huge $2.5 billion. This left Minecrafters either hopeful for the future, or devastated for it. September also saw the releases of Fifa 15, Forza Horizon 2 and Disney’s Skylanders replica ‘Disney Infinity‘ got a sequel. Disney Infinity 2.0. As well as releasing Fifa 15, EA also released The Sims 4, which had an uproar of short success.

Skylanders fought back in October with a new Skylanders game, Trap Team. The 2014 League of Legends world championship was also held in Seoul World Cup Stadium. The 32nd Golden Joystick Awards was also held. Alien: Isolation was released for Windows, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. For a next-gen game, it was quite buggy and you had to play for a couple of hours to actually see an alien. Costume Quest 2 was also released for Windows, as well as Final Fantasy XIII. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel was released and Minecraft was released for the PSVita. This was surpirsing for Minecrafters, as some expected the game to become Microsoft exclusive, for Windows and Xbox only. Although this did not happen. The Evil Within was also released, and had a large negative feedback from customers, stating that the game was not even scary a bit and “The horror game you’ve all been waiting for” was a huge overstatement. October also saw the releases of Just Dance 2015, F1 2014, Civilization: Beyond Earth and WWE 2K15.

The biggest thing in November was probably the massive balls-up from Ubisoft, Assasin’s Creed: Unity for Windows, PS4 and Xbox One. The gameplay was repetitive, the game was hugely infested with bugs and glitches and was overall a complete disappointment. Ubisoft also released Far Cry 4, with beautiful graphics. Call Of Duty saw a new sequel in November, Advanced Warfare, which was quite a success. November also saw the quickly released and rushed Five Nights at Freddy’s sequel. Although Scott Cawthon had success again, for a game released that quickly, it was bug-free, enjoyable and brought all the fun of the first game back, but made it a lot more tense and exciting. November also saw the release of indie title ‘This War Of Mine‘, blowing up the Steam store. After purchasing it, I found it quite underrated, but still a great game. BlizzCon 2014 was also held in Azerbaijan. The 16th of November also marked the 10-year anniversary of Half-Life 2.

In December, the Game Awards 2014 were held in Las Vegas. Minecraft was released on the Windows phone, Rockstars Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars came to android, finally. Open world driving game, The Crew was released, soon after its beta testing. Both the Five Nights At Freddy’s games came to the Windows phone and Super Mario World: Advance 2 was released for the Wii U.


2014 was a big year for gaming. Let’s hope for an even bigger year this year, with the release of Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell, Don’t Starve Together, Evolve, Battlefield Hardline, Batman Arkham Knight, The Witcher 3 and more…

For updates on gaming, check out my channel, The Wonder Spud here:


Dec 11

Saints Row IV – Escape Zin Ship Bugfix

By Alex The Wonder Spud | tech

Were you just starting to get into Saints Row IV and then realised you had a huge, frustrating problem. Most people with Saints Row IV on Steam (PC) already know about this issue, but we have two possible quick fixes for you, so you can continue with Kinzie being a saint and enjoying your game!


1. Try Turning Your Resolution Down

Now, this seems like an odd bugfix, but after a bit of research on the Steam community forums, I found that this solution was helpful to many. Go to the main menu, go to setting and try turning your resolution down and applying it. This should boost up the framerate and for some reason, oddly  allows the ship to pass through the gates. Once you have gone past the gates with your ship, you may turn the resolution back up again to how you would like it.

2. Fastforward It

An easier solution would be to go into your story menu, by default, the tab button will bring this up, although this depends on your controls scheme and if you have changed it or not. Once you are there you will see a variety of options, Phone, Quests, Powers etc. Go to Extras and click Cheat Codes. Enter the cheat code “fastforward” and return to the game. This should speed things up and you’ll escape the Zin ship in no time. The only downside to this easy solution is that once you have used a cheat code, you will no longer unlock achievements. So if you’re an achievement collector, I’d recommend going for the first option.

Really hope this helped you guys! Have fun playing!

Nov 28

PC Gamers: The Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals!

By Alex The Wonder Spud | tech

Here are some of my personal favourite deals at the moment of games that I have myself or have purchased during this sale. Hope I spare you some time and some money.
Tip: When there’s no big sale on Steam, always look if it’s cheaper elsewhere on places like G2A or Humble Store!

maxresdefault (6)

50% Off Qbeh-1: The Atlas Cube
Entertainment Rating: 9/10
Deal Rating: 6/10
Genre: Puzzle, Physics, Parkour, Indie
Price: £6.99 £3.49

75% Off Batman: Arkham Origins
Entertainment Rating: 10/10
Deal Rating: 10/10
Genre: Action, Open World, Online
Price: £14.99 £3.74

75% Off Q.U.B.E: Director’s Cut
Entertainment Rating: 7/10
Deal Rating: 6/10
Genre: Puzzle, Physics, Parkour, Indie
Price £6.99 £1.74

50% Off Goat Simulator
Entertainment Rating: 5/10
Deal Rating 6/10
Genre: Comedy, Open World, Adventure, Online
Price: £6.99 £3.49

75% Off Mirror’s Edge
Entertainment Rating: 10/10
Deal Rating: 8/10
Genre: Parkour, Physics, Action, Adventure
Price: £9.99 £2.49

75% Off Payday 2
Entertainment Rating: 8/10
Deal Rating: 8/10
Genre: Action, Online
Price: £22.99 £5.74

75% Off VALVE Complete Pack (Portal, Half-Life, Left 4 Dead, Counter-Strike)
Entertainment Rating: 10/10
Deal Rating: 10/10
Genre: N/A
Price: £75.99 £18.99

50% Off Saints Row IV
Entertainment Rating: 10/10
Deal Rating: 8/10
Genre: Action, Open World
Price: £16.99 £8.49

70% Off Grand Theft Auto Complete Pack (All Titles Excluding GTA V)
Entertainment Rating: 9/10
Deal Rating: 9/10
Genre: Action, Open World, Online
Price: £34.99 £10.49

75% Off BattleBlock Theater
Entertainment Rating: 8/10
Deal Rating: 6/10
Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Indie, Online
Price: £10.99 £2.74

75% Off Euro Truck Simulator 2
Entertainment Rating: 10/10
Deal Rating: 9/10
Genre: Simulation, Racing, Adventure
Price: £14.99 £3.74

Got any more PC game deals you want us to add that are on sale? Contact us at

Oct 30

How To Put Minecraft On Steam

By Alex The Wonder Spud | tech

Ever wondered how to put Minecraft on your Steam library so everyone knows you’re playing it? Love Minecraft but want your beloved Steam overlay? It’s easier than you think, as demonstrated in the video  below.


Oct 18

Half Life 2 And Half Life Source Bug Fix: “Launcher DLL”

By Alex The Wonder Spud | Gaming

Have you been having problems with launching Half Life 2 or Half Life: Source recently? I can help. If you’ve been getting the error message ‘Failed to load the launcher DLL: The specified procedure cannot be found’, you’re in the right place. If you are getting these messages when trying to launch Portal 2, Dota 2 or Alien Swarm, make sure your computer or laptop is compatible with Streaming SIMD Extensions 2 (SSE2). If it is just Half Life 2, or Half Life: Source, here is a quick, fast solution for you. Please note that if you cannot launch Half Life: Source and do not have Half Life 2, this will not work for you and you do need Half Life 2 to fix this bug currently.


Go to your Steam games library, select Half Life 2 and right click it. Click properties, right at the bottom of the tab that has appeared. Next, select ‘Local Files’ and click on the button that says ‘Verify integrity of game cache’. Wait for it to finish verifying and then try launching Half Life 2. The game should fully work and you should be able to play without interruption.

If you’re looking to play Half Life: Source, make sure you do the steps above and verify the Half Life 2 files. Then, do the exact same thing for Half Life: Source and this should fix the problem for good. I hope this bug fix helped.

Oct 11

QMEE Pays You To Surf The Web

By Alex The Wonder Spud | tech

QMEE is a fantastic new tool that actually pays you cash to do something that most of us do everyday anyway. QMEE will pay you to surf the web. Of course, you won’t get payed tens and hundreds of pounds a day, but if you search the web on a regular basis, you could be making an extra £2 a week. True, it’s not much, but it’s something, and extra money isn’t bad, right? To start earning money with QMEE, head over to their website and install the add-on required for whatever browser you happen to use.


Once you have installed the add-on, if it works correctly, occasionally when you search something into Google, Bing, Amazon or Ebay, a sidebar will appear on the left hand side. This will include a few links that you can click on to earn a little bit more dosh. The money will get stored in your QMEE ‘Piggy Bank’.


When you’re ready to receive your money, just open up your piggy bank and transfer the money into your PayPal, it’s as easy as that! Start using QMEE today!

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