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Sep 12

The Sims 4 Review

By Alex Elliot | entertainment , Gaming


Hello everybody, my name is Jammy and today I will be reviewing the newest edition to the EA family, The Sims 4.

The Sims 4 is a computer based game that allows you to live your life without ever leaving your house. Just like all the other Sims games you can have a family, get a job and basically do whatever you like.

When creating your Sim, alot of the features have gone and when I say gone, I mean they got fired and left. You can no longer “create-a-style” you have use pre-made crap and the same comes for you hair. The funny bit about creating a sim is that you ain’t suck to the set size. You can now make you sims different, you can give them a bigger bum with a skinny waist and I haven’t even dared do that to the boobs yet.

After you make you sims (or sims, if you making a family) you go to the buy a lot, where you get your house. The Lot is now flat you no longer have then option to raise or lower the surrounding area. I know right, Stupid or what?. But wait it gets better. Now unlike the previous Sims games you could make the house has big as you want, well not any more, thanks to EA you are limited to 3 floors at MAX. But that’s not the best bit. In the other Sims games, you could make a swimming pool. EA has decided that making pools is no longer fun so, yep you guessed it, the removed the pool making mod!.

I was hoping The Sims 4 would be so much better then The Sims 3 but it seems I was wrong. The only thing that has improve is the graphics and I don’t know if that because I got a PC with decent graphics installed. I give this game a personal rating of 4 out of 10. EA you have disappointed me yet agian.

Aug 22

Borderlands 2 Review

By Alex Elliot | Gaming


Hello everybody, My name is Jammy also known as Jamie and today I will be reviewing Borderlands 2.

Borderlands 2 is based roughly 5 years after number 1 when the first lot of vault hunters were guided to a the vault to uncover its deepest secrets but only to find the Destroyer. After the Destroyer is destroyed, a mineral called “Eridium” kinda like pops up all over the planet. This is where Handsome Jack comes in. (He’s the one luring all the vault hunters to Pandora and killing them so he can have the vault all to himself). He does try to kill you by blowing up the train you are on.

Wuuks  At this Point in the game, you can start making your character. You can have up to 4 people play with you as the is 4 main people to choose from. There is 2 additional characters as well but you do have to pay to use them. (god damn it).

Later in the game you also find out who Angel is (she was is the first one), Angel is Handsome Jack’s Daughter. She is one of 6 Sirens in the whole of Pandora. She is used to charge the vault key as it was later found out that a siren was needed to charge the vault key and open the vault. To much regret, you do have to kill Angel (she does ask you to do it). After Angel dies, Handsome Jack appears and kills Roland (dude from the first Borderlands and Leader of The Crimson Riders) and kidnaps Lilith (the most powerful, awesome and slightly scary siren. She is also Rolands EX girlfriend). Even though Handsome Jack was and I quote his Daughters last words “an asshole” he didn’t deserve to lose his child.

After way lots fighting with lots of robots and crazy ass baddies, you arrive at the vault and face the warrior, a big ass lava demon and after a long time, you finally defeat him and get to shoot Handsome Jack in the face (finally). Lilith is finally free and attempts to destroy the vault key and accidentally opens a map to showing more vaults across the planets, this leads Lilith to say “Aint no rest for the wicked” the theme song for the first Borderlands.

The graphics could do with tweaking but how much cooler can they get. Maybe add extra guns. If am honest, Am not a lover of shooting games but this one is definitively an exception and unlike the first Borderland you don’t take fall damage.


Aug 18

ATLauncher Modpack Review

By Alex Elliot | entertainment , Gaming


Hello Everybody, My name is Jammy and today I will be doing a review on The ATlauncher.

Like the Tekkit Launcher, The ATLauncher has various mod packs to download from, I recommend the Yogscast Complete Mod Pack. This particular modpack has every decent mod in one spot. It has over 250 mods!!!. And the Yogscast are still adding mods.

To run the ATLauncher, you need a computer or laptop with at least 2GB ram and a big memory. It Can be very buggy as some of the mods don’t really work well together but the can be ways round that. If you don’t like the science way of things, you can always become a witch or a wizard or you can go old school and play normal minecraft. If don’t like magic then go ahead become a scientist. You can always combine magic and science and become a technomage (that would be so cool!!!!). The choices are endless.

Even though I play this ModPack an awful lot (and I alot, I recently brought a new PC like a week ago and all I have on it is Minecraft, Tekkit and the Atlauncher. Think I clocked at like 82 hours on ATlauncher alone!!..yeah am a nerd and no I don’t care). I think the ATLauncher is doing better then its older brother Feed the Beast. Everything Minecraft related is always and most certainly be a recommend game from me

Jul 27

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Legendary Edition

By Alex Elliot | Gaming

Skyrim legendary edition

Hello everybody, Jammy here and today I will be reviewing The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Legendary Edition. It doesn’t matter what console I do this for as this game is the same for PS3 or Xbox.

You start of the game in a horse cart, your hands bound behind your backs and in the cart with you is 3 other people. A horse thief name Lokir, Ralof (he kinda becomes your best friend) and the leader of the Stormcloaks. Jarl Ulfric StormCloak.  ~He is being tried for treason, for killing the high king with his voice. You arrive at Helgan and at this point you realize, you’re going to get your head chopped off.

Skyrim 2

This is the point in the game where you can create your character. Later in the game you can change your appearance by visiting a lady is the sewers in Riften but you need to complete several missions to get there, but be warned if you get changed into a vampire or a werewolf you will not be able to change your appearance.

When you finish this, you get called to the block and as the executioner lifts his axe, would you believe it a dragon turns  up. what luck. Anyway you make you escape and before you get inside you run into Ralof and the dude who told you to go get your head trimmed at the shoulders. At this stage in the game it doesn’t matter  who you go with and as you get to pick Stormcloaks or Imperials. You eventually make you way to ht nearest town and this is where your journey to become Skyrim’s greatest  Dragonborn warrior begins.

During the game, you can come across strange creatures:

  • Elfs
  • Trolls
  • Giant Crabs
  • Dragons
  • Hag-Ravens (These are old ladies then look like they over did it with the plastic surgery and have over grown nails)
  • Big metal dwarf baddies
  • Witches
  • Vampires
  • Werewolfs

And many others creatures, i care not to think about. If you get turned into a vampire, it is possible to be cured, and no you don’t use a wooden stake. You need a black soul gem or you could just get turned into a werewolf but then you can’t get cured from that.

There is also a few glitches. There one is Whiterun (where you find the hidden chest under the the skyforge), There’s one is DawnStar right by the mine. These glitches are very useful when you are pretty much on your ass with money and the chest re-fill very 48 hours. There used to be one where you could get your speech up to level 100 just by chatting to a dude in the pub in Riften.

I still think the graphics could be slightly tweaked but they are definitely better then its predecessor  “Oblivion”. I would recommend this to anyone who likes adventuring and basically wondering off and getting to random trouble.

Jul 23

Galaxy At War Review

By Alex Elliot | tech


Hello every Jammy here and today I will be Reviewing Galaxy At War. This Game is available for download from the Apple Store, Google Play Store and the Android Market for Free. The game is based around a space version of Tribal Wars (will be doing a review on this game shortly) but is lot better.

During the game, you get to build spaceships and pretend that you’re in Star Wars (might I add that, Star Wars is  a cracking set of films) You get to become part of an alliance and become leader of leader  of the entire galaxy. *mwahahahahahahaahahahahahaahahahah…cough..cough* Sorry about that..Where was I..oh yeah. You can become leader of galaxy *Evil Grin*. You can only join one alliance at a time so it is recommended that you make a lot a friends.

The game can be very buggy as sometimes you can bug out and it will seem like you lose you planets but to correct this just log out and re-log in.

Jul 01

Quick Update For You All

By Alex Elliot | tech

Hey everyone Jammy here and am here to give you all quick update on what’s been going on in my world. (I don’t know why I picked the picture as my headline, I thought It looked awesome)

Firstly, I have been very busy at Princes’s Trust doing so much paperwork, It is UNBELIEVABLE! but that all finishing next Thursday when I go to my presentation to receive my certifications. I have really enjoyed being on this course as it has allowed me to meet new people and add people to my little circle.

Secondly, I haven’t been very well. Earlier in the year, I got very ill for like 4 months and ever since then, I get ill really bad. It takes me weeks to shift it.

Thirdly, I have been sightly depressed. I have found out that I suffer from social anxiety and minor depression. I’m attending counseling for this (when they finally get back to me) . This has also stopped me from writing, being sociable and generally not wanting to do anything. I haven’t turned my console on till today.

And Finally, I have kinda been running my 2 youtubes accounts on my own. The second channel “The Lonely Geeks” is run by me and my brother-in-law. This is where we do Challenges and V-logs. As of late my brother-in-law has kinda of been a dick to everyone and has been kicked of this channel. This means now run 2 channels. It’s a bit of a balls ache, I will admit but i’ll cope. I always do.

All of the reasons above means that I haven’t had the time to write for you guys and I am really sorry for that but I will try to get back into my old routine. This means putting my health before anything or anyone else.

Assins Creed 4 review GAME
Jun 21

Assassin’s Creed 4: Blackflag

By Alex Elliot | tech


Assins Creed 4 review GAME

Hello everyone, Jammy here and today I will be reviewing Assassin’s Creed 4 Blackflag. Now this is the game that if you wanna act like captain Jack Sparrow, nobody will care.

You spend about 40% of the missions on the open sea, well after all it is a game about pirates. You start the game off in the middle of battle against an unknown enemy. This is the part where you meet the assassin Duncan Warpole, and you will temporarily take over his life. For a short time, you are recruited into the Templar order only to be betrayed by someone and taken to prison where you steal the ship “the Jackdaw”. You eventually defeat the Templars, and kill most of them. By the end of the main missions you are finally accepted into the assassins order.

Near the end of the game, you received word from someone back from where you used to live that you wife passed away and you have a young daughter named Jenny Scott. Jenny chose the surname Scott as a way to remember her mother who raised her on her own. You also have another child known as Haytham Kenway, who we know from Assassins Creed 3. He is Connor’s Father and the grand leader of the Templars.

Looking back at the very first Assassins Creed game, you can definitely see the difference in the graphics. They get a bit more life like. When it comes to the cuts scenes, they are a bit more animated  then just standing there while the other person was talking.

Even though this game came out last Halloween, I believe that AC4 Blackflag is the game to buy. It has definitely raised the bar for Assassin’s Creed 5

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