Best Offline Music Players for Android

Listening to music can happen in two ways by streaming or downloading. Offline music players are also important who faces problems of internet connections. Because it needs a good internet connection for streaming audio files. But in case of offline music players, you can download when you have an active good internet. Thus it stored the audio files in your device which you can play at any time without internet. To play these files there are a number of best offline music players which are available on the Play Store. The best apps which are coming up with a number of features are listed below. This in this article we will discuss best offline music players for Android.

Music app

PowerAmp Music Player

No one app can beat this app in the field of offline music player. As this app is considered as the best app for offline music player available on the Play Store. It offers numerous features like graphic equalizer, treble, and bass adjustment and many more. It also comes up with four customizable widgets which give a better experience to the users. It gives a free trial period of 15 days but you can get this full version in just $3.99. It also supports all file formats like mp3, Wma, Ogg, mp4, etc.

BlackPlayer Music Player

This app is basically based on a black theme which looks awesome. This application work and looks great on AMOLED display because of its UI and deep blacks. It also has a minimalistic design with modern looks. It brings a number of powerful features like 3D surround sound, amplifier, and 5 band equalizer, etc. Sleep timer, gapless playback, are some other features of this app. As this app also comes with ads which might create problem to the users. This is a free app which you can download from the Play Store. It also supports all popular audio file formats.

There is also a premium version available called BlackPlayer Ex which cost you around 3$ only. In this premium, you will get more themes, fonts, visualizer, and can also customize your experience on your own.

Musicolet Music Player

Another best offline music player for music lovers. The main feature of this app is that it didn’t use the internet. Therefore, while playing in the background this app is not connected to the internet. This type of feature is not easily available in many offline music players. Thus because of this feature, it didn’t show the promotion ads which give a better experience to the users. But one thing you should notice that you are unable to download any album or artwork in this app. When it comes to the feature it just stands on the top. It supports multiple queues which are not seen in other apps.

 It also comes up with the powerful equalizer which allows you to change the audio settings. Overall this app is a simple and clean offline music player which is free to available. It can support up to basic audio formats like mp3, mp4, etc.

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