Best Photo Editor Apps for Androids

These free apps will help you add the right effects to your clicks, and you’ll surely have an increased number of Instagram followers!

  • Bonfire Photo Editor Pro
    This increasingly popular app has many of the basic filters, with some unique ones, like Fancy, that turns the picture into a watercolor portrait.
  • VSCO Cam
    It is social media themed camera app, something like Instagram. But unlike Instagram, this application doesn’t drag the unnecessary fuss about the likes and comments; it simply allows photography lovers to upload their pictures, to share and to inspire. With a large base of photo-altering choices, VSCO Cam promises some great photographic moments.
  • Little Photo
    This app remains Google Play’s highest rated app till date, with a wide range of filters and effects, that aren’t typically seen in a free app. The users have the advantage of stacking multiple filters to a single photo, or reducing the effect of the filters.
  • Snapseed
    Google’s Snapseed provides such abundant choices of effects and filters, with great vintage grainy effects of 60s. This camera application is capable of brining almost any picture to life.
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop Express
    No one doubts an eye when it comes to Adobe softwares and applications. Lightroom allows you to add slew one-touch adjustments, while Express is for basic filters and effects, with an auto-fix option. You can get precise control over color, contrast and tone.
  • AirBrush
    AirBrush is for the selfies lovers. Quick fixes on the blemishes, skin toning, teeth whitening, reshaping tools, and plenty other tools will make you look your best.
  • PhotoDirector
    This newer app is for the ones who like to manipulate the photo technicalities. This app allows you manually change settings- with RGB color channels, HSL sliders, white balance and more in-depth editing options. PhotoDirector is for those who want more than just repetitive filters.
  • Photo Editor Pro
    Again, a very popular app with about 50 million downloads, PhotoDirector allows you a good mix of the filters and the regular manual editor options. You can find funny stickers and add short captions to turn them into memes.
  • Pixlr
    Also known as Pixlr Express, this is a very popular app a great variety of features and tools. It has a little something of everything, overlays, cosmetic editing options, and the regular editing options.
  • Cymera
    Even though you can use this app to edit any kind of photograph, Cymera specializes with portraits. With seven different kinds of lenses and four different recording modes, Cymera instantly improves clicks with realistic makeup effects.


With great camera features these days, the above photo-editing apps may provide some extra help to improve the quality of photographs.

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