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Best touchwhiz custom rom for T-mobile Note 4

By Osman | tech

May 14

If your sick of bloat like I am and you are rooted with TWRP or CWM and you are looking for a good Lollipop touchwhiz rom that is debloated–Arcadia V4.1  AC-VLU1BOC4-4.1 is the rom for you.

You don’t need to mess with Odin or tar files to get this Touchwhiz Lollipop 5.0.1 rom.  This rom  comes with Adblock and a lot of other goodness while getting rid of bloat and bringing speed at the same time.

Click the below link to get taken to the official XDA thread for this rom and make sure you read the install instructions carefully.  I installed the rom from internal storage and didn’t wipe factory reset but I did do the regular wiping for installing custom roms, and I would highly recommend that you use TWRP to install this rom.  TWRP is not only fast when it comes to installing roms-it also ensures everything runs stable with no issues.




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