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Dec 05

How to Choose the Right Pair of Headphones

By Osman | entertainment , Music


With so many new designs coming up every year, choosing the correct pair of headphones may be a really confusing task. Instead of buying cheap plastics or expensive big cans, you need to find a pair of headphones that actually match the kind of music you listen to. It isn’t always about the brand or the looks or even the fact that you can hear your songs really loud during a bus ride- there is a lot of science and engineering put into designing of headphones. So you want to consider some points before you order a new pair of headphones this birthday.

  • The first thing you need to figure out is if you’ll be needing in-ear, on-ear or over-ear headphones. In-ears are the most comfortable kind, and the most portable of them all- each earbud fits into each of your ear canal. These can be easily wrapped and stored, so, best suited for travelling or jogging. While, on-ears literally on your ears, keeping the earcups (with a headband) on the ear, and not covering it completely, over-ears completely wrap around your ears. Over-ears provide a much louder and clear sound, but are very difficult to carry around, and therefore usually preferred for house or offices.
  • The next thing you need to consider is whether you want a noise cancelling headphone set. Noise cancellation technology involves drowning of certain sounds or disturbances in the surroundings. These have small microphones which block sound waves of opposite frequencies and cancel out regular droning noises like airplanes engines and air-conditioner noises. These are best for students who may find it hard to concentrate in a noisy environment, so, instead of just turning up the volume, you can use these noise cancelling effects of the headphones. Unfortunately these headphones are really costly, not all sounds are blocked, bulky and quality of sound may be compromised.
  • If you are considering buying wireless headphones, just keep in mind that their advantage does not lay in a superior music quality but only on extreme portability and the Bluetooth services. These headphones let you roam around cable-free, sparing you of the horror of tangling your headset. But again, the quality may not be top-notch.
  • For gamers, gaming headphones may be the best option. These headphones provide you with a virtual surround sound experience, which helps gamers to identify direction of the audio, for example, from which direction are the gunshots coming from.
  • Before you order your headphones online, you should read online reviews and if possible visit a local audio store and test different designs before you finalize one. Also make sure, the online store has a return policy since you want to try them on before you buy. Check warranty and durability, make sure they are comfortable. What is the point of buying expensive headphones, with superior sound quality, but irritate your ear or don’t fit properly?
  • When you are testing your headphones, make sure you test with some old music from the 70s. These days the music is compressed. Old or classical music will be better to test the range of your headphones.

Lastly, stick to your budget.

Sep 21

25 Weirdest Websites On The Internet

By Alex The Wonder Spud | Celebrities , coding , education , entertainment , Gaming , hard-reset , Music , News , Nintendo , tech , techlivewire , travel , Watch Dogs , Wordpress Themes

Want to see more weird websites? Visit here my extended post on weirdest internet sites.!

Alex here! Sorry I’ve been gone for such a long time! But stuff happened and I’m back so, without further a do, let’s get on to it! Here is the list of the top 25 weirdest, wackiest and funniest websites ever on the internet.


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Sep 12

The Sims 4 Review

By Alex Elliot | entertainment , Gaming


Hello everybody, my name is Jammy and today I will be reviewing the newest edition to the EA family, The Sims 4.

The Sims 4 is a computer based game that allows you to live your life without ever leaving your house. Just like all the other Sims games you can have a family, get a job and basically do whatever you like.

When creating your Sim, alot of the features have gone and when I say gone, I mean they got fired and left. You can no longer “create-a-style” you have use pre-made crap and the same comes for you hair. The funny bit about creating a sim is that you ain’t suck to the set size. You can now make you sims different, you can give them a bigger bum with a skinny waist and I haven’t even dared do that to the boobs yet.

After you make you sims (or sims, if you making a family) you go to the buy a lot, where you get your house. The Lot is now flat you no longer have then option to raise or lower the surrounding area. I know right, Stupid or what?. But wait it gets better. Now unlike the previous Sims games you could make the house has big as you want, well not any more, thanks to EA you are limited to 3 floors at MAX. But that’s not the best bit. In the other Sims games, you could make a swimming pool. EA has decided that making pools is no longer fun so, yep you guessed it, the removed the pool making mod!.

I was hoping The Sims 4 would be so much better then The Sims 3 but it seems I was wrong. The only thing that has improve is the graphics and I don’t know if that because I got a PC with decent graphics installed. I give this game a personal rating of 4 out of 10. EA you have disappointed me yet agian.

Aug 24

Most-watched Doctor Who Opener Since 2010

By Alex The Wonder Spud | Celebrities , entertainment


Doctor Who was a success last night. The episode titled ‘Deep Breath’ drew in a peak audience of 7.3 million viewers. The series 8 opener has become the most-watched series launch since 2010, when Matt Smith made his first appearance as the eleventh doctor. But not everybody was happy with last night’s 76 minute long episode.

“Don’t breath = don’t blink. We’ve already been there.” Says The Metro’s Dan Wilson, “All we needed was a child with a gas mask welded to his face and we’d have had all of Steven Moffat’s greatest Doctor Who hits in 76 minutes. Are you my mummy?”

Some people were even disappointed that Matt Smith had to make a cameo appearance. “The most divisive element of the episode will surely be the reappearance of eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith. He may as well have stepped into shot, grabbed the camera with both hands, stared down the lens and addressed the audience directly.” says The Mirror’s Richard Beech.


Remember the clockwork robots from the 2006 episode ‘The Girl In The Fireplace”? Well they also made an appearance in last nights episode. And so did The Paternoster Gang, which was a nice surprise. Madame Vastra, the green one and Jenny, the not-so green one. You can’t beat a bit of Strax either.

What did you think of last night’s episode? Was it a hit or a miss? I know I’ll be tuning in to next week’s episode, ‘Into The Dalek’.

Aug 20

Pewdiepie On The Brink Of 30 Million

By Alex The Wonder Spud | Celebrities , entertainment , tech , techlivewire

First of all, I have heard that my previous post was very succesful and I am thankful for that. I hope the site continues to grow and I can be a part of it. Now let’s get on with the article, which is what you all want to read.

The number one most subscribed person on YouTube, (excluding YouTube’s own promotional channels and also excluding Vevo channels) Felix Alf Kjiellberg, known as Pewdiepie to his fans or “bros” is on the very edge of hitting 30 million subscribers. He’s already earning $4 million a year and fans are eager for a 30 million subcriber special. Pewdiepie, “Pewds” or “Poods” accompanies videos with his two dogs Maya and Edgar and event sometimes his girlfriend Marzia, or “CutiePie”, who’s channel is also doing well.


A constant worry for other YouTubers that want to be succesful on the site is that Pewdiepie is actually not competing at all with any other YouTubers. He already has 9 million more subscribers that the YouTuber below him on the leaderboard, HolaSoyGerman. Do not get me wrong, the famous YouTuber is not a bad person. He does many charity events to help out others including his most recent event, Force For Change, a Star Wars themed charity to help children in need. He also helps out other YouTubers, doing collaborations and meeting new people.

Pewdiepie has been the number one YouTuber for a while now. Let’s hope it stays that way. Do you remember Fred? Yes, you know, the one with the extremely high pitched voice. He’s already abandoned his channel and left it to die whilst he’s gone away to star in three movies and his own television show on Nickelodeon. Disney have already bought Maker Studios, who are partly responsible for Pewdiepie’s success, along with many other YouTubers. Pewdiepie even launched his own app, which updates with his videos whenever he releases them. So like YouTube, but primarily for his own videos.

To sum it up, Felix Alf Kjiellberg is a great person with a fantastic personality, gives to charity, helps other YouTubers out and let’s hope it stays that way.

Aug 18

ATLauncher Modpack Review

By Alex Elliot | entertainment , Gaming


Hello Everybody, My name is Jammy and today I will be doing a review on The ATlauncher.

Like the Tekkit Launcher, The ATLauncher has various mod packs to download from, I recommend the Yogscast Complete Mod Pack. This particular modpack has every decent mod in one spot. It has over 250 mods!!!. And the Yogscast are still adding mods.

To run the ATLauncher, you need a computer or laptop with at least 2GB ram and a big memory. It Can be very buggy as some of the mods don’t really work well together but the can be ways round that. If you don’t like the science way of things, you can always become a witch or a wizard or you can go old school and play normal minecraft. If don’t like magic then go ahead become a scientist. You can always combine magic and science and become a technomage (that would be so cool!!!!). The choices are endless.

Even though I play this ModPack an awful lot (and I alot, I recently brought a new PC like a week ago and all I have on it is Minecraft, Tekkit and the Atlauncher. Think I clocked at like 82 hours on ATlauncher alone!!..yeah am a nerd and no I don’t care). I think the ATLauncher is doing better then its older brother Feed the Beast. Everything Minecraft related is always and most certainly be a recommend game from me

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