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Sep 21

25 Weirdest Websites On The Internet

By Alex The Wonder Spud | Celebrities , coding , education , entertainment , Gaming , hard-reset , Music , News , Nintendo , tech , techlivewire , travel , Watch Dogs , Wordpress Themes

Want to see more weird websites? Visit here my extended post on weirdest internet sites.!

Alex here! Sorry I’ve been gone for such a long time! But stuff happened and I’m back so, without further a do, let’s get on to it! Here is the list of the top 25 weirdest, wackiest and funniest websites ever on the internet.


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Jun 17

New Super Mario Bros Glitch Found

By Zaertix | Gaming , Nintendo



So after 30 years, you’d think we would have found any and every glitch related to a video game right?


Someone seems to have found one. And it’s a doozy.

Here’s a video showing it off:



Basically, you get an infinite number of lives by spawning the beanstalk on World 1-2 from World 5-2.


First, you must first take player one’s Mario to the second level of the game and throw away your first life. With Luigi taking over, player two must traverse all the way to World 5-2 and find the hidden beanstalk block halfway through the stage. Once there, Luigi must start climbing the vines, however, he must await – and take on the chin – an incoming projectile from one of the Hammer Bros. Upon being hit, once player one resumes control of Mario, the beanstalk from World 5-2 will start growing in World 1-2, providing all you need to infinitely kick shells for unlimited bonuses.

Jun 14

High Definition Zelda Game? Yes Please.

By Zaertix | Gaming , Nintendo

So at E3, I think the biggest reveal for myself was the HD Zelda game coming to Wii U in 2015. Aonuma announced that my jaw would drop, no but seriously, he revealed it’d be an open-world game, giving us many different ways to complete the game, and any problems that come within. It reminds me heavily of Windwaker meets Twilight Princess in graphic style. It was the anime feel of WW, but the grungy appeal of TP.




I’m more stoked just to see how combat will work. I mean with the gif above, it just looks, AMAZING.


And then there’s this boss spider thing… It just looks…. threatening, and SCARY. AND LASERS!!!



Needless to say I’m keeping my eye on this…. I will definitely buy whatever bundle comes with this game…!

StarFox game WiiU
Jun 14

New Starfox Game Will Be A First

By Zaertix | Gaming , Nintendo

So it was revealed by Miyamoto himself that the new Starfox game have a feature that’s a first in it’s series. StarFox game WiiU coop

I’m going to let that word sink in real fast. One player will fly the Arwing with motion controls, and the other player with use the GamePad to fly the ship. Now of course, that presents a challenge, with in-game events/cutscenes. But the beauty of that is Miyamoto assured that you’d be seeing a different angle if you’re in the cockpit view, as opposed to looking at the TV. I’m personally super excited to see a co-op style Starfox game and can’t wait to blow up Star Wolf with friends.   Now all of this is still up in the air, as the game is under heavy development. But it’s still great to hear nonetheless.

Jun 11

Splatoon – The Wii U Game I’m Excited For

By Zaertix | entertainment , Gaming , Nintendo

So yesterday, while watching Nintendo’s E3 online event, they showed off Splatoon, an 8-player online Third Person Shooter. It’s going to be FANTASTIC.


So you’re a squad of anthropomorphic females, who can transform into squids. You use your ink guns to give you area to traverse in squid form.



As squids, you move faster, can play a stealth style, or generally be…. squid-like. What’s awesome about being a squid is the fact that you are able to ‘swim’ through grates and get to areas you wouldn’t as a human. And maybe, just maybe your opponents don’t know about that area and you’ll be able to ink it all up yourself…… And sometimes they do, and it becomes a close quarters gun… ink fight.

As a human, you shoot ink as pathways for your squid companions, and to cover the area in ink. What’s great about being a human is that when you spawn you can look at your game pad, and by tapping a team mate on the mini-map, you get to super jump to them! It’s a fast way to traverse the map and ink up some opponents!

The object of the game is to ink the most area on the map. There are plenty of in-map destructibles to help. Between paint balloons, hidden hallways, and probably much more (this was just a one map demo,) there’s plenty of ways to secure a win for your team. But it comes down to percentages. As I was watching, one team one by .1%. That’s intense….


It looks to be absolutely fantastic, and I’m super stoked to get it.

Mario kart 8
Jun 07

Mario Kart 8 – Rubberbanding Not As Bad?

By Zaertix | Gaming , Nintendo

So lately I’ve heard of the lack of rubberbanding in MK8. I’m sorry, but I’ve played 150cc every day since I got the game, and rubberbanding is alive and well.

Mario kart 8


It’s really ridiculous when you’re in first, and due to one mistake there’s magically 4 drivers ahead of you. In a split second. I remember at one point on Rainbow Road, I was in first by a minute or so, and got hit with 3 blue shells. Back to back. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to break my gamepad more.   And then even on 50cc, I’ve been rubberbanded. And while it’s great that it’s dynamic, and makes the game an actual challenge, there comes a time when it gets really ridiculous and makes me want to throw my controller at those AI characters. But that’s not cool, and  those game pads are expensive. So…. we won’t do that.

Fire hopping Mario kart
Jun 06

Mario Kart 8 – New ‘Controversial’ Method to Win

By Zaertix | Gaming , News , Nintendo

It’s called ‘Fire Hopping,’ and it’s splitting the community in half.

Fire hopping Mario kart

Now you’re asking, what IS fire hopping. It’s a technique that allows someone to maintain their drift boost by hopping. And it’s possible on everything except bikes. Which sucks. I like bikes…. Not.

Through jumping at the end of a boost, you get to continue that speed boost for a short time. And boy does it have some people angry because it’s technically cheating. Few are unopposed to it, as it’s obviously a mechanic in the game, whilst others are up in arms crying for Nintendo  to patch it.  But apparently it’s not as easy as it sounds. On maps like Rainbow Road, you’d probably fall off a few dozen times before actually being able to successfully increase your boost time. But on a map like Royal Raceway, it’d be a way to really get the leg up on the competition. So it’s dependent on the maps for the most part.

So in the end, is it really all that controversial? No, but the internet, and gamers as a whole, make small little issues, big deals.

You can see Fire Hopping in action in the footage below by MK8 Records.