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Dec 05

How to Choose the Right Pair of Headphones

By Osman | entertainment , Music


With so many new designs coming up every year, choosing the correct pair of headphones may be a really confusing task. Instead of buying cheap plastics or expensive big cans, you need to find a pair of headphones that actually match the kind of music you listen to. It isn’t always about the brand or the looks or even the fact that you can hear your songs really loud during a bus ride- there is a lot of science and engineering put into designing of headphones. So you want to consider some points before you order a new pair of headphones this birthday.

  • The first thing you need to figure out is if you’ll be needing in-ear, on-ear or over-ear headphones. In-ears are the most comfortable kind, and the most portable of them all- each earbud fits into each of your ear canal. These can be easily wrapped and stored, so, best suited for travelling or jogging. While, on-ears literally on your ears, keeping the earcups (with a headband) on the ear, and not covering it completely, over-ears completely wrap around your ears. Over-ears provide a much louder and clear sound, but are very difficult to carry around, and therefore usually preferred for house or offices.
  • The next thing you need to consider is whether you want a noise cancelling headphone set. Noise cancellation technology involves drowning of certain sounds or disturbances in the surroundings. These have small microphones which block sound waves of opposite frequencies and cancel out regular droning noises like airplanes engines and air-conditioner noises. These are best for students who may find it hard to concentrate in a noisy environment, so, instead of just turning up the volume, you can use these noise cancelling effects of the headphones. Unfortunately these headphones are really costly, not all sounds are blocked, bulky and quality of sound may be compromised.
  • If you are considering buying wireless headphones, just keep in mind that their advantage does not lay in a superior music quality but only on extreme portability and the Bluetooth services. These headphones let you roam around cable-free, sparing you of the horror of tangling your headset. But again, the quality may not be top-notch.
  • For gamers, gaming headphones may be the best option. These headphones provide you with a virtual surround sound experience, which helps gamers to identify direction of the audio, for example, from which direction are the gunshots coming from.
  • Before you order your headphones online, you should read online reviews and if possible visit a local audio store and test different designs before you finalize one. Also make sure, the online store has a return policy since you want to try them on before you buy. Check warranty and durability, make sure they are comfortable. What is the point of buying expensive headphones, with superior sound quality, but irritate your ear or don’t fit properly?
  • When you are testing your headphones, make sure you test with some old music from the 70s. These days the music is compressed. Old or classical music will be better to test the range of your headphones.

Lastly, stick to your budget.

Sep 21

25 Weirdest Websites On The Internet

By Alex The Wonder Spud | Celebrities , coding , education , entertainment , Gaming , hard-reset , Music , News , Nintendo , tech , techlivewire , travel , Watch Dogs , Wordpress Themes

Want to see more weird websites? Visit here my extended post on weirdest internet sites.!

Alex here! Sorry I’ve been gone for such a long time! But stuff happened and I’m back so, without further a do, let’s get on to it! Here is the list of the top 25 weirdest, wackiest and funniest websites ever on the internet.


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Apr 21

FiiO E6 – Portable Headphone Amplifier Review

By Haz Legend | Music

FiiO is a relatively new Chinese company founded in 2007 which has gained recognition in many countries worldwide. The reason for this from what i see is the fact that they provide relatively cheap and affordable products with performance comparable to the bigger manufacturers. They provide a range of audio products with their portable audio amplifiers being the most popular. After reading up about the FiiO E6, i quickly became interested and found a good deal on Ebay and purchased it immediately. Here is my review.


On first inspection, the amp is quite small but you you soon realize the controls are quite easy to use. I have used this amp with both my Razer Kraken headset aswell as my Razer Hammerhead In-ears. I am no audiophile but i do appreciate and know the difference between sound quality and this amp definitely proves itself in this field for a relatively inexpensive priced product. The amp additionally allows you to select one of three different EQ’s. I personally have found the second EQ setting (Blue) to be the best as the first EQ setting (Red) to be overpowering in Bass and lacking Treble unlike the prior which seems to be perfectly balanced. the third EQ (Violet) simply mutes sound the signal a little bit by -3 to be exact. The built in lithuim battery is said to last 10 hours which is adequate in most cases along as you don’t forget to switch off the power when the device is not in use. This amp increases the loudness of the sound output quite dramatically so i ussually have the amp volume quite low most of the time. The possible downside to this amp that i have found is the static sound which can be heard when the volume is set too high on the device which seems to be heard only when no music is playing. this effects intensifies when the device is both charging and used at the same time. Other than that, the build quality is great and this amp will most definately leave you impressed if you are seeking a upgrade of sound quality and loudness with your headphones/earphones. This product can be purchased many places online for roughly $40 USD.

Offical Product Link:


Model Name/Number E06 Color Available Black
Weight 16g Dimensions 41×40.2×9(mm)
Audio Input 3.5mm stereo jack Headphone output 3.5mm stereo Jack
Volume Control Digital volume control Bass Boost 2 Level
Drive ability 16~150Ω(recommend) Power input 5V/500mA
Battery Capacity >160mAH Battery Life > 17 hours
Output Power > 100 mW@32Ω Charging Time <120minute
THD 0.02%@1KHz Output Impedance <0.3 Ω
Frequency Response 20Hz~20KHz Signal to Noise Ratio >100dB
Input Sensitivity 650mV MAX input Level > 2 Vrms
Crosstalk > 67dB@1KHz Channel imbalance > 0.05 dB
Gain > 6.5dB Bass Boost > 4.5 Db @100Hz
MAX output voltage >4.7 Vp-p MAX output current > 50 mA



Justin Bieber heartbreaker Lyrics
Dec 28

Justin Bieber heartbreaker lyrics 2014

By Osman | Music

Justin Bieber heartbreaker Lyrics
Girl you don’t know how I feel (how I really feel)
Since you been away, oh baby
Any chance that you could take my call (take my call), if I got you today
You say that you don’t wanna talk but it’s cool
I’ve been thinking about you all day long, hoping you pick up your phone

And I know that I don’t wanna lose your love, oh baby, oh baby, oh baby

Oh girl I got a secret place that we can go
‘Cause I really wanna be alone
And baby nobody else gotta know
Just meet me later on the low

Don’t tell me you’re my heartbreaker
‘Cause girl my heart is breaking
Don’t tell me you’re my heartbreaker
‘Cause girl my heart is breaking

Girl you see me standing here (standing here)
Standing in the rain(oh baby)
Any chance that you could stay right here
And never go away

You say that you don’t wanna talk but it’s cool
I’ve been thinking about you all day long, hoping you pick up your phone

And I know that I don’t wanna lose your love, oh baby, oh baby, oh baby

Oh girl I got a secret place that we can go (secret place that we can go)
‘Cause I really wanna be alone (I really wanna be alone)
And baby nobody else gotta know (nobody else)
Just meet me later on the low (would you meet me on the low, girl)

Don’t tell me you’re my heartbreaker (baby don’t tell me, no)
‘Cause girl my heart is breaking
Don’t tell me you’re my heartbreaker (oh baby)
‘Cause girl my heart is breaking (heart is breaking)

So what I’m really trying to say is, and what I hope you understand
Is despite of all the imperfections of who I am I still wanna be your man
I know it hasn’t been easy for us to talk with everyone being around
But, this is, this is personal, this is, for me and you
And I want you to know that I still love you
And I know the seasons may change
But sometimes love goes from sunshine to rain
But I’m under this umbrella and I’m calling your name
And you know I don’t wanna lose that

(I still believe)
I still believe in love
I still believe in us
I hope you believe in us
The way I believe in us

You don’t see, ’cause what you don’t see, is when we don’t speak
I really don’t sleep, I wanna talk to ya
And if I had the world in my hands I’d give it all to ya
I wanna know if you feeling, the way that I’m feelin’
I wanna know if you feeling, the way that I, the way that I

You told me to be careful with your heart, your baby jeans

You told me to be careful with your heart, your heart
Be careful with your heart