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Jan 02

Why you shouldn’t be carrying around Mobile Phone

By Osman | Phone

With so many of us carrying around our phones in our pant pockets or worse breast pockets, studies reveal that we are probably not supposed to be carrying them around. Apparently, there are serious medical ramifications due to the radiations emitted by the mobile phones.

There is actual toxicological and epidemiological evidence proving these claims- the cell-phone radiation interfere with the body at cellular level and mess up the DNA. The radiations are said to be able to breakdown the blood brain barrier, which protects the brain from foreign substance that may cause any damage. Since these radiations can alter the DNA, they affect the male fertility and change the brains’ metabolism. The sperm count and sperm mobility are greatly reduced. There was also a specific case of woman who developed a tumor in her breasts due to tucking the mobile phone in her bra. In fact the tumor was in a perfect shape of the cell phone. It is not only with the breasts, but men who carry their phone in the pant pockets or attach it to the belts have also faced a case of decreased bone density in the pelvic region due to these radiations. Men are advised to stop carrying their phones on their belts or their pockets, in close proximity to their reproductive organs. In addition to the reproductive parts, other sensitive organs such as the kidneys, liver, colon and bladder may also face serious effects due to these harmful radiations.

World Health Organization classifies the cell phones radiations as carcinogenic. In 2011, WHO issued a report claiming that these radio frequency electromagnetic waves may be cancer causing and long term usage of mobile phones increase the risk of probable brain cancer in humans.

Even the child inside the mother’s womb is at extremely high risk leading to thinner skulls, parotid gland tumors and brain tumors. Since in children, the cells reproduce more quickly, these radiations prove to be more deadly. Pregnant women are advised to minimize cell phone usage, because the child may develop hyperactivity and difficulties in expressing emotions.

It is 2017 already, and the landlines are long gone. So maybe it is time you breakup with your smartphones.

Dec 12

Best Photo Editor Apps for Androids

By Osman | Phone , Technology

These free apps will help you add the right effects to your clicks, and you’ll surely have an increased number of Instagram followers!

  • Bonfire Photo Editor Pro
    This increasingly popular app has many of the basic filters, with some unique ones, like Fancy, that turns the picture into a watercolor portrait.
  • VSCO Cam
    It is social media themed camera app, something like Instagram. But unlike Instagram, this application doesn’t drag the unnecessary fuss about the likes and comments; it simply allows photography lovers to upload their pictures, to share and to inspire. With a large base of photo-altering choices, VSCO Cam promises some great photographic moments.
  • Little Photo
    This app remains Google Play’s highest rated app till date, with a wide range of filters and effects, that aren’t typically seen in a free app. The users have the advantage of stacking multiple filters to a single photo, or reducing the effect of the filters.
  • Snapseed
    Google’s Snapseed provides such abundant choices of effects and filters, with great vintage grainy effects of 60s. This camera application is capable of brining almost any picture to life.
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop Express
    No one doubts an eye when it comes to Adobe softwares and applications. Lightroom allows you to add slew one-touch adjustments, while Express is for basic filters and effects, with an auto-fix option. You can get precise control over color, contrast and tone.
  • AirBrush
    AirBrush is for the selfies lovers. Quick fixes on the blemishes, skin toning, teeth whitening, reshaping tools, and plenty other tools will make you look your best.
  • PhotoDirector
    This newer app is for the ones who like to manipulate the photo technicalities. This app allows you manually change settings- with RGB color channels, HSL sliders, white balance and more in-depth editing options. PhotoDirector is for those who want more than just repetitive filters.
  • Photo Editor Pro
    Again, a very popular app with about 50 million downloads, PhotoDirector allows you a good mix of the filters and the regular manual editor options. You can find funny stickers and add short captions to turn them into memes.
  • Pixlr
    Also known as Pixlr Express, this is a very popular app a great variety of features and tools. It has a little something of everything, overlays, cosmetic editing options, and the regular editing options.
  • Cymera
    Even though you can use this app to edit any kind of photograph, Cymera specializes with portraits. With seven different kinds of lenses and four different recording modes, Cymera instantly improves clicks with realistic makeup effects.


With great camera features these days, the above photo-editing apps may provide some extra help to improve the quality of photographs.

Nov 08

What Should You do When Your Phone’s Memory is Full?

By Osman | Phone


Does your phone beep an “Internal storage full” reminder each time you try to make a video or receive a Bluetooth folder, despite clearing most of the data or transferring your files to the SD card? Well, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • Move most of the Apps and Media Files to the SD card
    You can free some space from your phone memory by shifting some of movable apps to the SD card. Go to Settings >> Apps and click the ON SD CARD tab.
    Also prefer having most of your media files, like photos, videos, songs and movies on the SD card.
  • Clear the app cache
    What is cached data? When we use applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., our smartphone starts storing some of the data for future reference. Since we can’t move these apps to the SD card, these apps store some temporary memory files into the device. For example, if you have scrolled down a photograph on your Facebook timeline, you wouldn’t have to scroll down your entire timeline the next time you wish to find that picture, because a Facebook cache file has been created. These cache files can occupy a considerable portion of your phone memory and your phone may still show “Memory Full” despite deleting many apps. You can go to your Storage Settings, and delete the cache data and other junk files, and it won’t affect the normal functioning of your apps.
  • Clear WhatsApp Media and Database Folders
    When you are sending videos, audios and images through WhatsApp, by default all the data received and sent is saved, and remains even after you’ve deleted them from your Gallery folder. So, go to WhatsApp folder and Phone Memory and you will find theMedia and Databases folders, which you will have to manually delete the unnecessary files and thumbnails.
  • Another very efficient way to store your documents and photos is by uploading them to cloud through services like Google+Photos. Not only does this help you clear phone space, your data remains secure since you can access them even if your phone gets broken or stolen. It is also easier to access, with such high internet speeds these days!
  • If all these above options don’t work, you can always take a back up of all your documents and media files, and format the entire device to restore the smartphone to factory settings.


Don’t panic, use these hacks, you’ll be just fine!

Nov 06

7 Android Apps You Cannot Do Without When Traveling

By Christopher Benitez | Phone

Technology has certainly changed the way we travel. No one nowadays leaves the house without their smartphones or laptops. If you are traveling with your handheld device, then there are some apps that you can get to make your travel experience much better. Here are seven great travel apps both business and leisure travelers can benefit from:

1. Google Translate

One of the biggest inconveniences of traveling overseas is the language barrier. While you can learn how to say hello in Mandarin or German using a travel guide, you will need all the help you can get to translate more complex sentences. Imagine you need pills for a migraine immediately. Can you say that in Swahili? Clearly not. This is where the ever-reliable Google Translate app comes in. It is free and has the same capability of the web version. Of course, like the web version, translations may contain errors. However, it is a very reliable tool to translate simple phrases like, “where is the exit?”

2. TrickByte

Just because you are on vacation in Greece, that does not mean you have to miss the latest episode of “Game of Thrones.” We live in a connected world, after all. However, alas, copyright law pounces here and many streaming sites restrict access to videos based on your location. Even if you are a paying Netflix customer, you cannot watch a show if it is limited to your current location. This is where TrickByte comes in. It is a VPN and SmartDNS service that makes your connection to the internet anonymous. TrickByte can bypass country restrictions on sites like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Sling and much more. If you do not want to miss your favorite shows while on vacation, get this app right away.

3. NOAA Radar Pro

There’s nothing like bad weather to ruin perfect travel plans. It is hard to get accurate weather reports on the go. That is why you need this app on your smartphone. NOAA is known as one of the most reliable sources for weather forecasts. Before you plan a hiking trip to the mountains or a diving expedition, consult this app to know what the weather would be like.

4. CityMaps2Go

Google Maps and GPS do not work everywhere in the world. This app allows you to download maps of places, so you will always have a point of reference even when internet connections or cell services are shaky at remote locations. The map library of this app covers over 15,000 destinations so that you will be covered.

5. Currency

Currency conversion is one of the biggest pains of traveling. It can be tough to keep track of spending when you are using an unfamiliar currency. This app provides real-time exchange rate data, so you know how much that souvenir costs when you buy it. Consider this app essential, especially if you are a frugal traveler.

<h26. Tripcase

Are your airline and hotel reservation confirmations lost in the email inbox? Tripcase will help you organize them all in one place. This app provides an email address for you to forward all your reservations to as you receive them. It is simple, convenient and completely free.

7. LiveTrekker

Are you a big-time walker? This app will help you log how much distance you have walked or trekked without a hassle.

Try one or two of the above apps on your next vacation.

health gadgets
Sep 13

5 Health Gadgets to Make You Rock n Roll!

By Christopher Benitez | Phone , Technology

With a due increase in the amounts of adulteration in the air we intake, the foods we consume and the water we gulp, there has been a degradation in the health conditions of human beings. As it is said “health is wealth”, maintaining a good health should be our prime motive. In today’s era of technological advancements, electronic gadgets have popped out to a larger extent. They are, in fact, a boon to our society. From being luxuries to necessities, their transformation is truly mesmerizing. Not only in making our calculations easy, affording us virtual social lives and helping in communicating with faraway families, but electronics also helps us in managing our body fitness and gesture. Several gadgets have been invented to adapt a healthier lifestyle in this world of mental activities. Some of them are given below.

health gadgets

Best Health Gadgets

1. Gymwatch

Looking just like a normal time telling watch, gym watches have gathered immense hike in their demands and uses. With its exceptional longevity, gym watches not only feels the burning of your calories but also makes you avoid incorrect exercises. It also offers you tips on improvement for up to 900 distinct workouts. It also tells you about the solid rep and a half-hearted effort by tracking your movement data. It can also be paired with a smart phone app and guide you toward achieving your fitness goals through audio feedbacks.

2. miCoach Pacer

The first step towards maintaining fitness is running. Age, occupation and gender wise, there can be a variety in running goals for each one of us. miCoach Pacer offers you an interactive training program that works with your mp3 player to give you feedback as your run. This device measures your speed, acceleration and also the distance covered. Accordingly, it asks you to give yourself a push or ease up. Hence by keeping active about your targets, this gadget is the first friend of your healthy lifestyle.

3. Garmin approach S1

This is a watch-like gadget used by wearing it on your wrist. This gadget is designed to train the golfers. If you are a crazy and passionate golf player, you might need this instead of a golf coach to be the best. S1 is a powerful GPS tool with preloaded golf courses. This located your spot on the golf course you are in and calculates how far you’ve trekked around and also the flight of your ball.

4. Helbe GoBe

Unlike other bands, GoBe is not just an activity tracker, but it also measures calorie intake. It has advanced sensors which detect the amount of glucose in your cells through your skin, taking a true account of your calories. It is also a health rate monitor and an accelerometer. It also works when you sleep keeping a note of your stress and hydration levels.

5. Finis Swimsense

Swimming is the ultimate exercise to keep you healthy and free from diseases. It channelises our blood flow and keeps us energetic. However being a tougher coordination exercise, most of us fail to perform perfect swimming strokes. Finis is a modern day gadget which fits in our wrists. It not only identifies the type of stroke you are doing but also notifies your about the distance per stroke and the amount of calories you’ve burned in your last stroke. Depending on your swimming history, you can set goals in it, create custom workouts and monitor your progress.

These were some of the useful technologies which can help you to lead a healthy life. Be your own mentor with the help of these gadgets, analyze your results and work harder in improving them. Remember, practice makes a man perfect.

Prisma for android, Prisma for ios
Aug 09

What Is PRISMA And All This ‘Madness’ About?

By Christopher Benitez | Phone , Technology

Prisma, this is a new app that has become an obsession to most of the iOS users. It has quickly become a rage because of its hand sketch-like effects.

It transforms the photos into artworks using the styles of famous artists such as Picasso, Levitan, Van Gogh, as well as world famous patterns and ornaments. Users can use them on social networks too.

Let’s Talk ‘PRISMA’ 

Prisma for android, Prisma for ios

The app co-founder has said to The Next Web that there are several features in the pipeline such as 360-degree Prisma images, Prisma Video feature, and a list of different styles to transform the real-life images into digital arts.

It is a unique combination of artificial intelligence and neural networks that convert the memorable moments into priceless arts. The sheer variety of artistic designs and interpretations that can be applied to the photos is mind-numbering. And they are so simple to apply.

The degree to which one can transform photos is miraculous and one’s desire to experiment with every photo type in the phone’s gallery such as new selfies, old black and white pictures of the family, vacation pictures etc. and this equates to endless obsessive preoccupation.

This app fails in misleading people like other apps which show you innumerable filters but there would be only 3-4 actually available and you are supposed to purchase the rest. But Prisma has a ton of filters and they are all free. It is highly recommended for anyone who likes creative photos.

By offering a variety of art filters to apply on the existing photos, each one makes the user recollect some shape or form if he/ she have enjoyed art history. By providing an option to increase and decrease filter intensity resembling the expected result from a professional artist who uses the photo as a reference, while adding magical touches that make the artwork unique.

This photo-editing app aims to compete with the other photo-editing apps in the market such as the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, photo Editor Pro, Instagram etc.

This app is available in Google Playstore in Beta version. Interested users would simply need to sign up for the newsletter, an option can be found at the bottom of the company’s home page. The users are supposed to submit their email IDs and names. Once the signup procedure is done, the users will get invited to use this wonderful Prisma app.

The technology behind the app is basically an algorithm that uses neural networks to take the style from the present image and replaces the style of another photo with it but still the content is preserved. The other picture can be any good looking picture such as a famous painting, and any photograph. So the final output of the editing will have the content of the original photograph and the artistic style of the painting.

So this is all about the Prisma app, which has been entertaining the iOS users. It will be definitely available for the Android Users as well, soon.