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Sep 21

25 Weirdest Websites On The Internet

By Alex The Wonder Spud | Celebrities , coding , education , entertainment , Gaming , hard-reset , Music , News , Nintendo , tech , techlivewire , travel , Watch Dogs , Wordpress Themes

Want to see more weird websites? Visit here my extended post on weirdest internet sites.!

Alex here! Sorry I’ve been gone for such a long time! But stuff happened and I’m back so, without further a do, let’s get on to it! Here is the list of the top 25 weirdest, wackiest and funniest websites ever on the internet.


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Watch dogs hacking people
Jun 08

Watch Dogs to be Blamed for Hacking

By Zaertix | Gaming , tech , Watch Dogs

CIS believes it is likely that a small percentage of Watch Dog players will experiment with compromising computers and electronic systems outside of game play, and that this activity will likely affect SSLT [state, local, tribal and territorial] government systems and Department of Transportation (DOT) systems in particular.”

Watch dogs hacking people

As the excerpt above reads from theĀ MS-ISAC, blaming Watch Dogs for events that have yet to happen, and probably won’t. The method used to hack in Watch Dogs is to press X. A big, blue button…

I’m pretty sure most phones, tablets, or hacking apparatus (if they are even called that anymore) have a single blue button, and I’m pretty sureĀ that it would take LINES and LINES of code to affect anything on a SSLT level, if it’s even possible… So, GG MS-ISAC!