Combine PPC and SEO to win the SERP game [2019]

Every online business owner wants to make profits! And before online businesses make profits, there are a few stages to cross. For instance, the brand needs to work towards setting up its online brand awareness, attract target customers, gather influencers and enhance the brand recall. It is here that getting the highest ranks in the SERPs is something that will make all the other objectives fall in place. And this is a challenging task.

Combine PPC and SEO
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The truth is today the online landscape has become dynamic and competitive! Every day there’s a new brand that enters the market. And each brand is competing for the highest rank in online searchers. It makes the SERP game challenging and sometimes hard to win. However, equipped with an ace SEO agency you can customize a proper SEO strategy to get going. To know more on this, you can check out SEO San Francisco Kotton Grammer.

However, sometimes SEO isn’t enough to help you win the SERP game. You need something more, such as PPC. Discussed below are a few steps that blend both PPC and SEO to help you top the SERP ranks.

1. Don’t ignore optimizing for Google My Business

Today, most companies and marketers overlook Google My Business listings! It is a panel that would get highlighted on Google page one when you search for a company name and the desired city. You need to consider the internet as your virtual world.  And here Google My Business listings are the visual storefront. Your users will chance upon this before they go on to buy anything. It is a loss to overlook Google My Business listings. If you do, you will turn down many prospects.

When you optimize this, you benefit both PPC and SEO. Concerning SEO, the optimization assists in developing credibility in the search engine. It validates your company as an authentic entity. Regarding the PPC side, the data you share on the Google My Business listing profile is capable of extracting marketing initiatives, through local extensions.

Most online business owners wonder on which optimization to opt-in for! Most SEO experts suggest on as many optimizations as possible. You need to check whether it is of use to your business or not. Always ensure that your company name, location address, phone, and email details appear on the listings, as it is precisely on your site. A slight variation might confuse the search engines and come in the way of your ranking high.

2. Make sure to address the mobile speed optimization needs

Once you get done with the first step, it is essential to assess how you perform in the mobile landscape. Mobile friendliness or a mobile responsive website is a crucial ranking aspect for SEO. Additionally, it acts as a quality score catalyst in PPC. Such improvements are highly critical for those businesses that are searching to get noticed for the voice search.

3. Make use of PPC for researching on SEO keywords

It is estimated that 5.7% of new web pages will get organic ranks within one year of their getting active. Keeping in mind the long optimization method that tally with this time frame it is essential to make use of as many details as possible before you invest any resource on page rankings. One of the best ways to recognize the keywords that you must focus on is to have a look at the PPC information. For this you simply need to observe the PPC trends:

  • Take an ad copy that has converted excellently. You can apply this ad copy to your landing page.
  • Check the interaction rates and search volume on particular keywords before you optimize a web page using SEO tactics
  • You can experiment with various web page formats through the split tests conducted on the PPC. So You will get a few findings that you can apply on the landing page.
  • You should also carefully monitor the competitiveness that exists in the PPC domain. It will give you a clear picture of all things.

It is essential to note that PPC competitiveness doesn’t always have a precise correlation. However, it can still indicate the presence of a competitive SEO landscape.  You can carry on making the necessary PPC optimizations, to examine the things that will work for SEO. And simultaneously, you can also arrive at ways to reduce the PPC expenses.

4. Maximize the time on the website

It’s a known fact that online users have deficient attention capacity! Each online business owner want their online users to find something useful in their company website and the content. It is because the time an online user spends on your website decides your SERP rank as well. Are you facing challenges in getting good ranks for useful content, because users aren’t spending much time on it? If yes, then you can resort to PPC to enhance the metrics. If you want to do that, make use of these guidelines:

  • Use Analytics and see the average time people are spending on all the pages.
  • You can revisit the earlier pages and check for the keywords used in your content.
  • If there are ample users who access your site, create a user list who has viewed the page getting positively involved on the website and with a similar content piece.
  • Carry out the ads on your PPC to the critical page. Make use of retargeting tactics depending on the successful web page as the audience.
  • Ensure that you add the challenging page as sitelink on a branded campaign

Many people wonder about the objective of this strategy! The goal is to get the right content to the correct audience. If you have a list of those people who previously found a particular content piece useful and intriguing, it’s a smart call to target these people. They might spend more time reading through this content. And that would enhance the time on site and get you better ranks.

Every online business brand is raising its performance bar to rank high on SERP results. When you use both PPC and SEO, you can experience a positive outcome. However, make sure you do this under the guidance of an ace SEO service provider.

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