Does your Google voice number now belong to someone else?

google voice annoying press 1 spammer

I was shocked to find out that my brothers Google voice number, now belongs to a man who told me he was issued the phone number by his company.  Everytime I try to call my brothers phone number, it always rings to some man.  The man finally told me he will notify his  employer about this issue, after numerous people tried calling him thinking it’s my brothers number.  Well now it’s both his number and my brothers number (I know that makes zero sense).

My brother and I registered the number a few weeks before the unknown man received that same number from his employer.  Google voice really needs some serious work.

The most annoying thing about Google voice is “Due to fast pickup, press 1 to confirm your not a spammer”.

If only the Google voice team can have the same management as the Google Chrome team then we would have a superior product in our hands.

How can Google voice possibly think your a spammer, just because you picked up your phone very fast?  People obviously have to verify their phone number by entering 2 digits on their landline or cell phone.