Free Quiz makers for Teachers or anyone else

You may be a teacher interested in creating Quizzes for your students, but everywhere you look companies are charging lots of money for their software that allows people to make Quizzes.  So I have decided to write this article on free quiz makers for anyone wanting to make a quiz.

Free quiz maker for teachers and students

1.  Vocabtest Free Quiz Maker.

A free online Quiz maker that requires you to register first before making and printable Quizzes. 

2.  Karen Veerm quiz generator

This one at Github is very nice for creating quizzes although you will have to read the instructions and either learn a little html or already be familiar with html because I am fairly certain that creating the quizzes requires editing the .html file which you can easily edit with an html editor.


3.  QuizStar

QuizStar is a FREE Quiz-making Tool!

How QuizStar works:

– Create a class
– Create a quiz
– Administer the quiz
– View results

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