How can Reliable Project Management Tool Improve Business Operation?

Want to bring your business to the new level and looking for a service that gives a new meaning to collaboration and supports all modern web browsers?

What makes Bitrix24 service special?

Fantastic service that opens up attractive opportunities for small and medium-sized organizations that are looking for ways to facilitate operational processes and improve interaction with customers. This product has tools for creating reports and analyzing sales and marketing campaigns and enabling business owners to observe company’s activity. Bitrix24 is a unique service that supports all web browsers and allows members to collaborate faster and easier through creating workgroups, sharing ideas as well as documents and other data.

One of the main benefits offered by this service is free CRM online tools that it assists greatly in improving interaction with potential or existing clients, partners, agents and other contacts. CRM platform creates a database where all information regarding existing contacts is stored and managed. Every message, meeting details, phone calls are linked to the correspondent contact and making it easy to plan further interaction.

Working with documents

Document management is incredibly easy with a qualified assistant. It is possible placing various files like presentations, audio files, videos for teamwork or private use. Three types of Drives are available for users who wish to store documents in Bitrix24: My Drive stores documents for personal use and no one has access to them; Group Drive includes documents available for particular workgroup and Company Drive contains documents available for all employees.

From now on creating and editing all documents online is very easy due to Bitrix24 integration with Google Docs, Office 365 and MS Office. Right in web browser users are able creating presentations, text documents and add them to discussion in the activity stream.

Using built-in tools, any user has access to every document stored in Bitrix24. Files can be opened, edited simultaneously be few users. Documents from the Bitrix24 account can be edited by locally installed software like Adobe Photoshop, MS Office, Pages and more. Completed file will be saved to Bitrix24 account. Moreover, users are able uploading various files stored on personal accounts at Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox.

Finding needed information in Bitrix24 is possible thanks to instant search feature using which every document, message, record, comment receives own index. Search box provides suggestions to your inquiry and makes it easy to find required information.

Communication using chats and videos

Wide choice of RTC tools is offered to Bitrix24 clients as we all understand that there is nothing faster than real-time communication with clients and within one working group. Now following types of communication are available:


Phone calls;

Instant messaging;

Group chat;

Video calls;

Mobile messaging.

Users don’t have to spend time integrating these tools as Bitrix24 has them inbuilt.

Available app is making it easy to access your social intranet and participate in collaboration from any place and at any time. This app supports video calls, audio, chats, and users receive push notifications in case if new messages, even are the app is closed. With the help of your app, it is also possible looking through clients’ and colleagues contact details, manage various files, post comments, read the news and much more.

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