How employers view your online degree

You may be worried that once you finish an online program, employers will view it negatively. I say do not worry, because your actual transcript and your actual Diploma won’t show the word Online. I don’t know of what University will put the word “Online” in your degree. It makes sense for the University to put the University name and other info on transcripts and diploma but I highly doubt they will put word online.

Employers Online Degrees Graduation Cap

If an employer asks you did you take your program online or at a physical school, you should be honest. I highly doubt an employer will ask you such a question.

You can read more about how employers view an online education here

Employers just check graduation date most of the time and often don’t check other stuff like accreditation. Employers often use 3rd party vendors to do the actual check in addition to your background check and some of them can do deeper checks.

Some people even use fake degrees and get hired but the day they get caught is the day they are walked out the door. Don’t risk using diploma mills because it will catch up to you later. One story I heard was of a New York employee that was going through a promotion for a Director position which paid a lot and she worked with the company for 10 years as a regular associate. During her promotion they checked her credentials all over again and found out she used a fake degree. She got let go.

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