How to Choose the Right Pair of Headphones


With so many new designs coming up every year, choosing the correct pair of headphones may be a really confusing task. Instead of buying cheap plastics or expensive big cans, you need to find a pair of headphones that actually match the kind of music you listen to. It isn’t always about the brand or the looks or even the fact that you can hear your songs really loud during a bus ride- there is a lot of science and engineering put into designing of headphones. So you want to consider some points before you order a new pair of headphones this birthday.

  • The first thing you need to figure out is if you’ll be needing in-ear, on-ear or over-ear headphones. In-ears are the most comfortable kind, and the most portable of them all- each earbud fits into each of your ear canal. These can be easily wrapped and stored, so, best suited for travelling or jogging. While, on-ears literally on your ears, keeping the earcups (with a headband) on the ear, and not covering it completely, over-ears completely wrap around your ears. Over-ears provide a much louder and clear sound, but are very difficult to carry around, and therefore usually preferred for house or offices.
  • The next thing you need to consider is whether you want a noise cancelling headphone set. Noise cancellation technology involves drowning of certain sounds or disturbances in the surroundings. These have small microphones which block sound waves of opposite frequencies and cancel out regular droning noises like airplanes engines and air-conditioner noises. These are best for students who may find it hard to concentrate in a noisy environment, so, instead of just turning up the volume, you can use these noise cancelling effects of the headphones. Unfortunately these headphones are really costly, not all sounds are blocked, bulky and quality of sound may be compromised.
  • If you are considering buying wireless headphones, just keep in mind that their advantage does not lay in a superior music quality but only on extreme portability and the Bluetooth services. These headphones let you roam around cable-free, sparing you of the horror of tangling your headset. But again, the quality may not be top-notch.
  • For gamers, gaming headphones may be the best option. These headphones provide you with a virtual surround sound experience, which helps gamers to identify direction of the audio, for example, from which direction are the gunshots coming from.
  • Before you order your headphones online, you should read online reviews and if possible visit a local audio store and test different designs before you finalize one. Also make sure, the online store has a return policy since you want to try them on before you buy. Check warranty and durability, make sure they are comfortable. What is the point of buying expensive headphones, with superior sound quality, but irritate your ear or don’t fit properly?
  • When you are testing your headphones, make sure you test with some old music from the 70s. These days the music is compressed. Old or classical music will be better to test the range of your headphones.

Lastly, stick to your budget.