how to disable spell check or auto correction on Galaxy S4 or HTC One

Turning off auto correction or spell check maybe useful to people who normally type in a different language on their android phone.  It is very annoying when it auto-corrects a word that you don’t want to be auto-corrected, when you are texting.

HTC One turn off auto correct

In HTC One you go to the Settings – Language & Keyboard – HTC Sense Input screen and toggle off .  Then move to Advanced Settings and click off Spell Correction and then Word Prediction.


Galaxy S4 (Touchwiz)

In case you don’t know what Touchwhiz is, it is the default interface over android on Samsung phones.  Smart people don’t use Touchwhiz, they prefer pure android AOSP like the one you see of my screenshot below.  The default Keyboard Settings  > MyDevice Tab > Language and input > Click on Samsung keyboard GEAR and you can turn predictive typing on or off, Under Swype (Which is included) same thing Settings – MyDevice Tab – Language and input – Tap the gear on Swype and under preferences is a next word prediction as well as auto space and auto capitalization options.


Galaxy S4 (AOSP)

Go to language an input menu and select Samsung

keyboard settings.

Then tap on Predictive text.

Now select Auto Replacement and you’re done.

turn off auto correct

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