How to factory reset Orange Rio

If you want to reset the ZTE Orange Rio, then follow instructions below.

You can try defalt phones codes is 12345 or 00000.
Default 4 Digit user code: 1234 or 0000
Default 6 Digit Security code: 123456 or 000000

Display IMEI.
Use this to displays your ZTE handset’s IMEI Number. The same code works from all other GSM handsets.
Type *#06# “Star, Hash, Zero, Six Hash” on your handsets keypad.

Type *983*7469#

Battery Temperature.
Type *983*1688#

Keypad Test.
Type *983*5391#

Phone Reset / User Code Reset.
Type *983*5651#

Sim Lock Info.
Type *983*757#

Master Reset.
Type *983*22387#

Audio Test.
Type *983*2831#

Version Info.
Type *983*837#

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