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How to Fix an Overheating Laptop

By Shilpa | education

Nov 14


Does your laptop heat up so much that you start wondering if it would catch fire any moment now? Well, we may have some solutions to fix your overheating laptop.

  • The very first thing you need to find is where the heat is coming from- find out where the air vents are. You may have to clean these air vents because sometimes accumulation of dust may block the vent, restricting air flow and thus stopping the heat transfer. So look up into the laptop’s user manual and unscrew the fan doors to clean the insides using compressed air.
  • Another reason may be dried out batteries- bad batteries not only run slow, they also produce heat. So replace them.
  • Never put a laptop in a bag, unless it is switched off, hibernated or in the sleep mode.
  • Also, make sure you don’t put your laptop over a pillow or very soft mattress, or anything that blocks the air vents. Keeping a laptop is all about ventilation. Prefer keeping your laptop on a hard and straight surface while you are using it.
  • You can also invest in cooling pads- these are soft pads filled with crystals that remove heat away from the source.
  • Always keep the insides of your laptop clean. Dust under the RAM and the processor, internal hard drives. Sometimes laptops run hot even without having much data stored in the CPU, this is because of the clogged dust particles inside the laptop. Try cleaning out all these areas regularly.
  • The most common reason why your laptop heats up may be heavy load of data and files. Manage your processes better, lighten the processor’s load by changing the order of the startup processes, or install software that may help to manage clean history and cache files. You can also install software that will keep an eye on the temperature of your laptop and send necessary notifications.

Use these tips and give your overheating laptop a new cool!

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