How to Play YouTube Videos in Background

YouTube is one of the most popular videos streaming application. Many peoples use YouTube to listen to music but there are some restrictions on this app. A big con of this app was that the videos cannot be played in the background which creates problems for the users. Thus if you are facing the same problem then you are on the right page. In this article, we will discuss how to play YouTube videos in Background. 


To solve this problem YouTube released a Premium subscription for their app. This subscription allows many features like you can play videos in the background and many more. Unfortunately, to get this premium you have to pay and also it’s not available in many regions. Thus there are some other alternative methods of their Premium subscription which are the following:

YouTube Vanced

One of the most popular third-party application for those who use YouTube for listening to music. It is a modified APK of YouTube which offers some features which are not available in the official app. It basically plays YouTube videos in a pop-up window which can be minimized. You can also make screen off and it still plays the videos in the background.

The YouTube Vanced app is available for both rooted and no-rooted devices. But the main application doesn’t let you log in the Google account. But this problem can be solved by installing the micorG Vanced APK and it opens the login feature in YouTube Vanced. By login the account, it will give better suggestion and you can also create the playlist of your own. You can download both the app form the official website of YouTube Vanced.

Free Music for YouTube: Stream

This is the application which helps in playing the videos in the background. It also allows you to create the playlist, search for the favourite artist, and make other music genres. Thus because of these features, this app is very compatible with the users who use YouTube for music. Along with background music, there are some other features which you should have to know. Sleep time feature and the important battery saver you will get in this app. But if you enable these features you will not be able to play videos in the background.  This app comes up with the three widgets which saves your time and can access easily from your home screen.

Awesome Pop-up video

As the name suggests a pop-up feature for video playing in the background. Basically, it plays YouTube videos in the background and also the other one from the web. It shows the popular videos of YouTube, Vimeo on the homepage of this Pop-up videos app. You can also copy the link of ay random videos from the web and then you can paste it in the app. It will play all the videos from Twitter, Videos but not supported Facebook right now. After playing any videos it opens a pop-up and also shows some buttons. These buttons are of basically maximize, close or you can check playlist.

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