Is Artificial Intelligence Killing us?

AI killing job

Whenever we talk of artificial intelligence, the first thought that pops up in our mind is of robots who are functioning on their own and not listening to humans who actually created them and gave them life in the first place. Well, you’d be surprised to know that that scene out of so many science fictions movies can be totally true and quite close in the near future. Sounds scary? Yeah, we feel the same way! IT is going to be terrible and devastating on a global scale, irrespective of the fact where this artificial intelligence is being given birth.

Now, you must understand that artificial intelligence was actually made for the well-being of humans. The primary aim here was to reduce work on the shoulders of men and at the same time increase speed of activity as well as accuracy of task execution. However, what has been the result was just not what had ever been thought of. First of all, artificial intelligence is eating into the employment sector at an alarmingly quick rate. This is terrible for developing countries like India where population and unemployment measures are rapidly going up the scale and it is impossible to be controlled. If all work is given to robots, then obviously the humans will have nothing to do.

Also, you must note what recently happened at Facebook. In case you are totally out of touch of news and do not know what’s happening around you, take a back seat and help us to give you the correct data. What happened was that Mark Zuckerberg has artificial intelligence working at the Facebook office. But, recently it was discovered that they had come up with their own set of instructions and points that had not been fed into them. This means that artificial intelligence is slowly trying to surpass man. Although Zuckerberg had to immediately get rid of it, the fact to be emphasized here is that there is surely going to be a point when artificial intelligence will be able to fight against man and actually emerge victorious.

In fact, if you wish to see how deadly artificial intelligence can be, then you must watch Wall-E which is an animated movie but had showcased the scenario totally bang on. In fact, artificial intelligence is also making man lazy and this may lead to several illnesses. The biggest rival of man is obesity which itself can lead to several ailments.

Lastly, you would be surprised to know that Stephen Hawking also said that artificial intelligence is likely to be the end of humanity. Now, such a revolutionary statement coming from a world-renowned scientist must be paid heed to. Stephen Hawking was one of the greatest and most intelligence minds to have existed on this planet and his other studies and works have always been accurate and history is proof of it.

Thus, artificial intelligence is definitely killing us in a slow and steady manner and the process has already begun.

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