Managing your Time using Mobile Organizers and Reminders

mobile organiser

In a constantly busy life when you are on the move every day, doing multiple things, it takes just one missed appointment or one missed sleep hour to derail your whole system from bottom to top. We all need some or the other ways to organize ourselves better, manage our time better to increase our productivity. Below mentioned are some of the best organizer and reminder applications that might help you manage your time and tasks better.

  1. Cisco Spark

Cisco spark is a virtual personal assistant software. Designed for those with loads of tasks at hand, this application helps you remember everything you have to do on a particular day. This software does it by emailing you a list of all your designated tasks of the day in the morning itself. This way you already have an overview of what’s in store for the day so that you can plan your day properly.

  1. Newton

Newton is one handy app which helps you sort important emails from a blizzard of all sorts of personal, unimportant and spam emails. This application will help you track your client emails and send you reminders when you have to reply to a particular email, send invoices and quotes etc.

  1. Tick Tick

Tick is a cross-platform application which allows you to set reminders for the most basic tasks like sending emails to sending reminders about your meeting. You can synchronize your account with your Gmail account and convert your emails into to do list. The application allows you to set multiple levels of priority and even send location-based reminders. You can set reminders such that when you enter or exit a particular location, you get a reminder of the immediate task at hand.

  1. Buffer

Buffer is a great application if your work involves extensive social media marketing. This is a platform which lets you access all your social media accounts all at one place and schedule and pre-plan all your future posts of all your social media handles so that you don’t have to do the manual job of logging into each and every account an schedule/post updates. This application saves a lot of time that can be utilized in more important tasks at hand

  1. is an app designed for the people who more often than not forget their daily tasks. This application lets you schedule set reminders, track progress, can collect notes and can share the list with others in your team. This application is a great and an all in one solution for all your organizational problems all at the same place.

Organizing tasks and managing time are two of the most important tasks in any person’s life be it a student, a teacher or anyone. Managing time and organizing your things help you increase your productivity as well as the quality of an all the things you do during the day. It is really important to understand that for being a successful professional keeping organized and respecting time are the two most important things to keep in mind.

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