Nikon z6 Review

Microless camera

Nikon Z6 is a two-frame mirror less camera introduced by the company in the month of August 2018. Nikon has been in a competition for the top spot with companies like Canon and Sony for a long time and it is time for us to actually acknowledge the technological upraise in Nikon that made its existence relevant. Nikon introduced Z6 after the arrival of Z7. Both are as different in terms of specifications as their priorities are set in different parts and attributes to diverse needs.

Z7 used to serve the customers that wanted ultra high resolution while Z6 is for those of who wanted to have a proper upgrade from their crop-sensor cameras and those full-frame cameras. The Z6 comes with a lot of features and specifications that makes the photography enthusiasts happy and content. The Z6 has a back-illuminated 24.5 MP full- frame sensor which delivers a hugely satisfying pixel count. The Z6 comes with a new Z lens mount which is 11mm wider than the predecessor Z7.  The distance between the rear lens element sensors is a meagre 16mm. According to the company, the wider distance and the focal distance will allow light to reach the entire sensors easily.

Nikon also provides three new lenses, which falls under their new S-line range- a 24-70mm f/4 standard zoom, a 35mm f/1.8 wide-angle prime and a 50mm f/1.8 standard prime. The 0.5 inch 3.6 million dot Quad-VGA viewfinder with the magnifying capacity of 0.80x is quite impressive and stands apart from Sony’s model.  The 3.2 inch tilt-angle touchscreen is one to serve the looks for the owner. It also has a top plate that displays key shooting information.

The Z6 also features an Electronic Vibration Reduction system (E-VR) that helps to reduce excessive shaking when shooting. Z6 can also shoot 4K UHD movies up to30p. You can also shoot Full HD video in 60p and 120p slow-motion action in HD.

SnapBridge File Transfer System is available with this model too, much like the other cameras that make use of this system. SnapBridge helps you to transfer the films that you shot and reduce their sizes before sending them into your mobile devices in a very little time. You have to install the app into your mobile and connect your device to your camera with the help of Bluetooth.

The Z6 comes with a single XQD slot. They use a new rechargeable battery, Li-ion battery (EN- EL 15b). There are no AC adapters but only USB charging though. The 310-shot battery that Nikon claims is rather disappointing since the Z7 has 330-shots.

The still image quality being excellent, this is a good option. The high ISO performance and a good resolution surely plays good role here. Z6 has got controls and menus that are pretty familiar to a regular Nikon user. The absence of a touchpad AF is felt. The autofocus in Z^ works perfectly and the tracking is at a good rate and speed. Overall, the Z6 will be a perfect buy even though Sony raises the bar a bit. Nikon has tried their best in providing the best and they have succeeded quite well. It is available in Indian market for Rs.2,08,950(full features).