Online Shopping Can Easily Increase Debt

I probably honestly have an online shopping addiction as it seems like the UPS man is constantly leaving packages at my door, making my wife wonder what I do all day when I am supposed to be working from home.  It is no wonder why the Global e-commerce market is over a trillion dollars.


At least when you used to go to Best Buy or a local shopping mall to look around you would feel like since you made the trek out you might as well get something, even if you do not see anything, but with online shopping it is totally different.  You have virtually an endless supply of stores and items all at your fingertips without even presenting yourself enough to leave the house.

Free Shipping Offers

There used to be shipping charges on many items so that would give you second thought about if it was really worth it to spend extra money just to not leave the house, when you could save the shipping and pick the item up in the store.  Now with free shipping to Amazon Prime users, and other sites offering free shipping once you hit a certain dollar threshold, now it is just a matter of how much to spend.

One-Click Buying

Avoid one-click buying at all costs.  You do not get a second thought of making the purchase while it sits in your cart, you just buy it on the spot.  When purchasing an item online you should always check around at different sites to make sure you are getting the best deal before pulling the trigger on the purchase.

Cash-less Transaction

Using a credit card for an in-person purchase is bad enough when it comes to almost feeling like an endless supply of money, but at least you can actually hand the card over to the cashier so you feel losing a little money, but online it almost feels like fake money as easy as it can go.  That is, until the statement comes in the mail.


If you are on a website looking at items and leave, the next site you go to will have, in sponsored form, the exact item you were just looking at.  Smart on the retailers to use the saved sites cookies, but tough on you as it seems like it is a coincidence and now you really need to make the purchase.

Online shopping and impulse purchases can lead you straight into debt, which in turn leads to a poor credit score. Learn how credit repair works and it might shed some light into the mistakes your making now.


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