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Nov 14

How to Fix an Overheating Laptop

By Osman | education


Does your laptop heat up so much that you start wondering if it would catch fire any moment now? Well, we may have some solutions to fix your overheating laptop.

  • The very first thing you need to find is where the heat is coming from- find out where the air vents are. You may have to clean these air vents because sometimes accumulation of dust may block the vent, restricting air flow and thus stopping the heat transfer. So look up into the laptop’s user manual and unscrew the fan doors to clean the insides using compressed air.
  • Another reason may be dried out batteries- bad batteries not only run slow, they also produce heat. So replace them.
  • Never put a laptop in a bag, unless it is switched off, hibernated or in the sleep mode.
  • Also, make sure you don’t put your laptop over a pillow or very soft mattress, or anything that blocks the air vents. Keeping a laptop is all about ventilation. Prefer keeping your laptop on a hard and straight surface while you are using it.
  • You can also invest in cooling pads- these are soft pads filled with crystals that remove heat away from the source.
  • Always keep the insides of your laptop clean. Dust under the RAM and the processor, internal hard drives. Sometimes laptops run hot even without having much data stored in the CPU, this is because of the clogged dust particles inside the laptop. Try cleaning out all these areas regularly.
  • The most common reason why your laptop heats up may be heavy load of data and files. Manage your processes better, lighten the processor’s load by changing the order of the startup processes, or install software that may help to manage clean history and cache files. You can also install software that will keep an eye on the temperature of your laptop and send necessary notifications.

Use these tips and give your overheating laptop a new cool!

Nov 11

How to Achieve the Best from Your LCR Meter

By Osman | Technology


Practitioner engineers know that they shouldn’t measure inductance, capacitance, and resistance using different devices. There is one instrument which can measure them at the same time; it is called LCR meter. Now times have changed and with new tools, professionals can obtain even more precise results than ever. Do you know how to get the most from your measurement device without spending hours on playing with him? Then, there are some hints from experienced users which anyone can use from this day on.

Special Hints and Techniques of Using an LCR meter

Before people start using their first measurement device, they should take into account these estimation techniques:

  1. Use your test frequency as close to the operational frequency as possible. This way an effect of any stray changes of frequency will not impact your results;
  2. Your amplitude should be adjusted the same way: if someone uses an amplitude which differs, this variation might make his results imprecise;
  3. Adjust a lead length: your lead length may affect your results if its frequencies are around 1 MHz so you should be very attentive to it;
  4. After any measurement, you should discharge your capacitors because some of them may have a residual charge which can make your results higher than necessary.

If you have already bought one of the powerful LCR meters on Toolboom, you should know what to do before making your first measurement. If that is the case, the first thing you should do before making any estimations is to discover a direct current of a measured component. Then you should consider which level of precision do you need. Also consider frequencies of your components (typically, the smaller is your device, the higher is required level of frequency) because you will get imprecise results by making improper adjustments. After all, adjust your coil to both positive and negative terminals and start using your device.

Does the Form Matter?

One of the most frequent questions most beginner engineers ask is whether it is enough to use a handheld device or we need to spend money buying large benchtop instruments. Powered by a battery and being portable, handheld devices become more useful. Engineers who use more compact devices can bring them in any place without even having a car. However, when it comes to benchtop they have the highest level of capacity and make measurements with higher precision. Some ask a question: do we need to sacrifice precision in order to make our device easier to handle?

Professionals cannot tell you the exact solution because it all depends on your needs. If you appear not a professional engineer, then you will not need such a high level of precision and a handheld tool powered by the battery will seem enough. If you need to measure something really complicated, even an LCR meter will not be enough. You will anyway need a car to keep that entire staff so transporting additional  tools will not cause a trouble.

Anyway, you have a lot of online stores where you can buy these tools cheaper, try and check for that.

Nov 08

What Should You do When Your Phone’s Memory is Full?

By Osman | Phone


Does your phone beep an “Internal storage full” reminder each time you try to make a video or receive a Bluetooth folder, despite clearing most of the data or transferring your files to the SD card? Well, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • Move most of the Apps and Media Files to the SD card
    You can free some space from your phone memory by shifting some of movable apps to the SD card. Go to Settings >> Apps and click the ON SD CARD tab.
    Also prefer having most of your media files, like photos, videos, songs and movies on the SD card.
  • Clear the app cache
    What is cached data? When we use applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., our smartphone starts storing some of the data for future reference. Since we can’t move these apps to the SD card, these apps store some temporary memory files into the device. For example, if you have scrolled down a photograph on your Facebook timeline, you wouldn’t have to scroll down your entire timeline the next time you wish to find that picture, because a Facebook cache file has been created. These cache files can occupy a considerable portion of your phone memory and your phone may still show “Memory Full” despite deleting many apps. You can go to your Storage Settings, and delete the cache data and other junk files, and it won’t affect the normal functioning of your apps.
  • Clear WhatsApp Media and Database Folders
    When you are sending videos, audios and images through WhatsApp, by default all the data received and sent is saved, and remains even after you’ve deleted them from your Gallery folder. So, go to WhatsApp folder and Phone Memory and you will find theMedia and Databases folders, which you will have to manually delete the unnecessary files and thumbnails.
  • Another very efficient way to store your documents and photos is by uploading them to cloud through services like Google+Photos. Not only does this help you clear phone space, your data remains secure since you can access them even if your phone gets broken or stolen. It is also easier to access, with such high internet speeds these days!
  • If all these above options don’t work, you can always take a back up of all your documents and media files, and format the entire device to restore the smartphone to factory settings.


Don’t panic, use these hacks, you’ll be just fine!

Nov 07

Which Online Casino Games Are the Best?

By Osman | Gaming


If you’re thinking about diving into the exciting world of online casino games, chances are you have no idea where to start. When you conduct a simple online search, so many options come up that it can be tricky to choose an online casino that offers what you need, and that suits your tastes. Fortunately websites like Caesars Casino, are a one-stop shop for all your casino game needs. Today we talk you through which online casino games are the best…

1 – Roulette


Let’s kick things off with arguably the most exciting game of the bunch – roulette. This game of chance offers players at home exactly the same thrills as if they were playing live. There are a wide-range of betting options, which keeps things interesting while you try to get your head around the strategy. This fast-paced game, where you can win big, will keep you entertained for hours, and most online casinos offer a range of differently-themed options.

2 – Blackjack


You can’t possibly foray into the world on online casino games, and not try your luck at blackjack, or 21 as it’s often referred to. The aim of this game is to get closer to a total of 21 than the dealer. There are a number of ways that you can win, namely getting 21 (blackjack) straight away without the dealer getting the same, securing a higher score than the dealer, or when the dealer exceeds 21 by turning over too many cards. Bear in mind that in Blackjack, you are always competing against the dealer, rather than other visitors to the online casino.

3 – Slots


If you crave variety and a fast-moving game, the slots will suit you perfectly. Plus, if you squint a little, playing them might make you feel like you’re in Las Vegas for real! Online casinos offer a huge range of themed slot games, so pick one that catches your eye and see whether luck be a lady tonight!

4 –Poker


Should you already be a dab hand at poker in your normal life, why not try out those skills in an online environment? Online casinos offer a range of games where you can compete with other players, also sat in the comfort of their front room.

5 – Baccarat


This game of chance is highly popular with folk who like the thrill of testing out their luck. Most common is a variety of this card game called Punto Banco, where there are only three possible outcomes; win, lose, or tie.

Nov 06

7 Android Apps You Cannot Do Without When Traveling

By Christopher Benitez | Phone

Technology has certainly changed the way we travel. No one nowadays leaves the house without their smartphones or laptops. If you are traveling with your handheld device, then there are some apps that you can get to make your travel experience much better. Here are seven great travel apps both business and leisure travelers can benefit from:

1. Google Translate

One of the biggest inconveniences of traveling overseas is the language barrier. While you can learn how to say hello in Mandarin or German using a travel guide, you will need all the help you can get to translate more complex sentences. Imagine you need pills for a migraine immediately. Can you say that in Swahili? Clearly not. This is where the ever-reliable Google Translate app comes in. It is free and has the same capability of the web version. Of course, like the web version, translations may contain errors. However, it is a very reliable tool to translate simple phrases like, “where is the exit?”

2. TrickByte

Just because you are on vacation in Greece, that does not mean you have to miss the latest episode of “Game of Thrones.” We live in a connected world, after all. However, alas, copyright law pounces here and many streaming sites restrict access to videos based on your location. Even if you are a paying Netflix customer, you cannot watch a show if it is limited to your current location. This is where TrickByte comes in. It is a VPN and SmartDNS service that makes your connection to the internet anonymous. TrickByte can bypass country restrictions on sites like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Sling and much more. If you do not want to miss your favorite shows while on vacation, get this app right away.

3. NOAA Radar Pro

There’s nothing like bad weather to ruin perfect travel plans. It is hard to get accurate weather reports on the go. That is why you need this app on your smartphone. NOAA is known as one of the most reliable sources for weather forecasts. Before you plan a hiking trip to the mountains or a diving expedition, consult this app to know what the weather would be like.

4. CityMaps2Go

Google Maps and GPS do not work everywhere in the world. This app allows you to download maps of places, so you will always have a point of reference even when internet connections or cell services are shaky at remote locations. The map library of this app covers over 15,000 destinations so that you will be covered.

5. Currency

Currency conversion is one of the biggest pains of traveling. It can be tough to keep track of spending when you are using an unfamiliar currency. This app provides real-time exchange rate data, so you know how much that souvenir costs when you buy it. Consider this app essential, especially if you are a frugal traveler.

<h26. Tripcase

Are your airline and hotel reservation confirmations lost in the email inbox? Tripcase will help you organize them all in one place. This app provides an email address for you to forward all your reservations to as you receive them. It is simple, convenient and completely free.

7. LiveTrekker

Are you a big-time walker? This app will help you log how much distance you have walked or trekked without a hassle.

Try one or two of the above apps on your next vacation.

Nov 02

Online Shopping Can Easily Increase Debt

By Justin | Finance

I probably honestly have an online shopping addiction as it seems like the UPS man is constantly leaving packages at my door, making my wife wonder what I do all day when I am supposed to be working from home.  It is no wonder why the Global e-commerce market is over a trillion dollars.


At least when you used to go to Best Buy or a local shopping mall to look around you would feel like since you made the trek out you might as well get something, even if you do not see anything, but with online shopping it is totally different.  You have virtually an endless supply of stores and items all at your fingertips without even presenting yourself enough to leave the house.

Free Shipping Offers

There used to be shipping charges on many items so that would give you second thought about if it was really worth it to spend extra money just to not leave the house, when you could save the shipping and pick the item up in the store.  Now with free shipping to Amazon Prime users, and other sites offering free shipping once you hit a certain dollar threshold, now it is just a matter of how much to spend.

One-Click Buying

Avoid one-click buying at all costs.  You do not get a second thought of making the purchase while it sits in your cart, you just buy it on the spot.  When purchasing an item online you should always check around at different sites to make sure you are getting the best deal before pulling the trigger on the purchase.

Cash-less Transaction

Using a credit card for an in-person purchase is bad enough when it comes to almost feeling like an endless supply of money, but at least you can actually hand the card over to the cashier so you feel losing a little money, but online it almost feels like fake money as easy as it can go.  That is, until the statement comes in the mail.


If you are on a website looking at items and leave, the next site you go to will have, in sponsored form, the exact item you were just looking at.  Smart on the retailers to use the saved sites cookies, but tough on you as it seems like it is a coincidence and now you really need to make the purchase.

Online shopping and impulse purchases can lead you straight into debt, which in turn leads to a poor credit score. Learn how credit repair works and it might shed some light into the mistakes your making now.

Nov 02

Tips for Drawing Good Wiring Diagrams

By Osman | education , Technology

Wiring diagrams are simple visual presentations of complex physical maps representing an electrical system. Simply put, wiring diagrams show how electrical wires in a system are connected and where the power outlets and light fixtures are.

These diagrams are helpful, and even essential, when building something like a home security system or an electronic gadget. Knowing how to draw a wiring diagram the right way is therefore important if you are undertaking one of these tasks. If you are a DIYer, or new in some way to electrical design, here are several useful tips for drawing a wiring diagram:

Learn the Symbols

Wiring diagrams are visual representations. Unlike with schematics and pictorial representations, these diagrams use very abstract shapes to signify various components. They are like maps in that way. For example, a map might use a cluster of triangles to signify a mountain range. Likewise, a wiring diagram will use a single line to represent a wire. There are many symbols representing antenna, batteries, fuses inductors and so on. It’s important to know what each symbol represents. So, print out a symbols guide and familiarize yourself with each.

Use Software

Nowadays, you can easily use wire harness design software to draw a wiring diagram. Software can make it easy for you to plan out where the outlets, switches, and fixtures should be. Knowing so is important for connecting the grid. Having software can also make it easy to draw symbols and understand them. If you are a newbie, wiring software can make the process simple, fast, and convenient. You can use such software to generate diagrams, and if necessary complex schematics, in 2D or 3D.

Refer to a Circuits and Logic Template

Templates can help you understand how to create a diagram for wires and circuitry. You will be able to get a general ideal for the system you need by referring to a template. These templates might be available with the CAD electrical software you use. Some are also available online for free.

Overall, aim for clarity in your diagram. Even if your diagram is technically correct, if it’s messy and obfuscated, it can be harder to understand, even for you when referring to it later.