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google play edition samsung galaxy s4
Jul 02

make your htc one or galaxy s4 play editions easily

By Osman | tech

Here is an easy way to turn your HTC One or Galaxy S4 into the Play Edition versions, by flashing the real play edition roms. These 2 XDA Guides will walk you through how to do it.

The prerequisites for flashing the Play Edition roms are that you must already be rooted.

For the HTC One you must unlock your bootloader at:

[ROM][m7ul]Stock Android 4.2.2 Google Play Edition – Rooted/Busybox/Odexed (6/28/13)


Samsung Galaxy S3 T-Mobile Virgin Rom Google Edition Rom

About the ROM
“I’m a big lover of the more stock looking Android better known as AOSP. unfortunately, the Google Edition is not actual AOSP since it still contains twframework and runs on a TW Kernel. for me, though, this is close enough.” –mrvirginia

“system dump was pulled from m3dd0g’s thread and deodexed by myself. this is running a Kernel built from sources by ausdim for best performance. this is a good base with little tweaking done. i have made a couple changes to some apps in here and i have added an app or two from our TW ROMs as well as removed some google apps that can be downloaded via market to slim it some. enough talk… “-mrvirginia


  • I9505GUEUAMFD 4.2.2 Base
  • T-Mobile Specific CSC’s (v1.1 and higher)
  • Modified kernel by ausdim
  • Exfat with Samsung forced to load modules
  • MTP
  • Insecure
  • Fully de-odexed
  • Fully zipaligned /system
  • Rooted
  • ADB support
  • Removed ~40mb of Goog apps
  • Multi-language support
  • Busybox
  • google play edition samsung galaxy s4


How to root the Galaxy S4  and install CWM so that you can flash the Virgin Rom.

Jul 02

Google rolls out Asynchronous AdSense Ads in beta

By Osman | tech

It’s about time that Google finally figured out that Adsense ads may be slowing down Webmaster’s sites. So Google is rolling out Asynchronous loading Adsense Ads but in beta. Google is finally making good changes to Adsense and the Webmaster tools control panels. I have noticed new changes and features in both Adsense and Webmaster tools.

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