Self-Driving Car – A Revolutionary Change

Self Driving Car

Want to read a book, surf the internet or take a nap while reaching your destination traveling alone. All this can be done by this new innovative technology of self driving vehicles. This innovation is going to radically change the way traveling from one point to other. Front crash prevention systems are being tested and used for several years which enable drivers of an approaching obstacle and apply automatic brakes to stop the vehicle if driver don’t react fast enough.  This technology then followed car to allow itself park by detecting the free spot and automatically steer to that position. In 2017, Google Inc. (GOOG) took a big initiative in this technology of autonomous driving. A new revolutionary technology of Google won’t manufacture cars but will provide license to software and systems. These systems are sensor based systems and rely less on networking and access to the navigation through map information. Google’s goal is to achieve fewer cars on road so that no one needs to own a car and instead order a shared car that will help to reach the destination on time.

Self driving cars are the revolutionary change and are expected to create approx. $90 billion worth opportunities for many automakers and developers of the technology. As the results from the tests these autonomous cars are 20% better than an average driver. These autonomous cars are also considered as safer than normal cars. No chances of drunk and drive are there and these cars will safely reach to its destination. 10% of the autonomous cars are responsible for nearly $40 billion of saving and this is done by saving time and fuel. Less injuries and deaths are reported during the test period of these cars. Self driving trucks are also being used in various mining industries to make the work easier and lot efficient. A substantial concern regarding the privacy is also kept in mind. This tells who is able to access to any driving related information that are stored in the vehicles. Security questions avoid the hackers to get access to the system so that they could not able to theoretically take control of these vehicles. Manufactures like Ford Motors Co. (F), General Motors Co. (GM), Chrysler Group LCC, Toyota Motor Corp. or Honda Motors Co. (HMC) are some of the automakers that are using this technology in making new revolution and this account for about 70% of U.S. market. This is a great revolutionary change and for complete adoption of this technology it will take decades.