Should you get Travelers insurance?

Getting travelers insurance online from companies like Expedia is a great idea.

How to choose travel insurance.

Your travel bags? Check. Your airline tickets, your passport, and all traveling documents? Check. Your digital camera to capture the scenic moments? Check. You’re pretty sure everything you need to bring to your vacation spot is all ready for the trip. Everything’s secured, except you.


Most often, people disregard the value of a travel insurance. They think that it is just an addition to their travel expenses and that they don’t need it that much, not unless they’re anticipating an accident to happen along the way, which of course, no one would want to do.


A travel insurance can protect you in various ways when you’re on a trip. It can protect you against financial loss if you are forced to cancel, delay, or interrupt your vacation. In special cases like non-refundable travel such as airfare, hotel, and tour expenses, a travel insurance could also be relied upon to help you. Moreover, a travel insurance could also aid you against loss due to medical emergencies, damage to personal property, and even a death that may occur while you’re on a vacation. Of course, you wouldn’t want to be feeling so lost and panicky when something unfortunate happened to you while you’re on a trip. With travel insurance, you can easily seek assistance in replacing lost luggage, arranging a flight back home immediately, or even medical help.


Now that you’ve pretty much understood the importance of having a travel insurance and you’re already thinking of getting one for your next trip, be sure to take the following pointers in mind before in choosing the right travel insurance for you:

Here are Steps


    Check if the insurance company you are considering have international recognition or at least to the country you are traveling into. There are a number of internationally recognized insurers who have a network affiliates that could offer you assistance within and outside the country you’re visiting.



    Make sure that the policy you are buying includes traveling to the country you are planning to visit. Don’t forget to get from the insurance company the direct contact numbers and people within and outside the country you’re visiting that could help you facilitate inquiries regarding medical assistance, travel advisories, and emergencies.



    Ensure that the insurance you are getting covers your medical condition, just in case you have important medical histories.



    Check the refund policies. Make sure that you understood very well their policies. Some policies will refund your money if you cancel months in advance, but take note that there are only few insurance company who are giving refunds if you cancel at the last minute.



    Find out about cancellation waivers. Cruise and tour operators may offer cancellation waivers. This means for a fee, they will reimburse you a portion of your cost if you cancel for any reason up to 24 hours prior to departure.



    Do some basic research for different few plans and then compare them.



    Read the Insurance fine prints carefully and make sure you understand what is covered and what is not; what is included and what is not included in the policy. Do not rely completely on what the agent tells you.



    Buy from a licensed agent/website, authorized to sell the policy. Check the license number or licensed ID if necessary



    Lastly, buy the travel insurance policy well in advance, do not wait till the last moment

Some Tips

  • Most visitor and travel insurance policies do not cover pre-existing conditions. The most common pre-existing conditions we hear are blood pressure and diabetes. Though people with these conditions can be in good and stable condition, they may dependent on medicines, insulin or regular checkup.
  • While it is true that, pre-existing conditions might not be covered, however, there are certain ways you can prevent/control and take precautions to avoid and prepare yourself for such a situation where a pre-existing condition might not take toll on you.

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