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May 14

Best touchwhiz custom rom for T-mobile Note 4

By Osman | tech

If your sick of bloat like I am and you are rooted with TWRP or CWM and you are looking for a good Lollipop touchwhiz rom that is debloated–Arcadia V4.1 AC-VLU1BOC4-4.1 is the rom for you.

You don’t need to mess with Odin or tar files to get this Touchwhiz Lollipop 5.0.1 rom. This rom comes with Adblock and a lot of other goodness while getting rid of bloat and bringing speed at the same time.

Click the below link to get taken to the official XDA thread for this rom and make sure you read the install instructions carefully. I installed the rom from internal storage and didn’t wipe factory reset but I did do the regular wiping for installing custom roms, and I would highly recommend that you use TWRP to install this rom. TWRP is not only fast when it comes to installing roms-it also ensures everything runs stable with no issues.



Candy Crush Saga Fix
Dec 06

Fix Candy Crush app running slow on iOS and Android

By Osman | tech

If you notice games running slow on Android, here is what you can do. You can clear the cache of android by going into recovery menu and wiping cache (Be careful not to factory reset). You can also make sure that other resource intensive apps are running in the background which will in turn make your game run slow. Android lets you see running apps if you go into settings, tap on Apps and then swipe left to see the running tab.

Candy Crush Saga Fix

You can also improve speed by ensuring you have the latest version installed from the Playstore.

People also reported seeing farm Heroes saga running slow, and you can follow same steps above to try and fix it too.

For iPhone follow this guide linked below.


Get more downloads to your android or ios app game
Oct 04

App shout promotes your app or mobile game for you so you can sit back and relax.

By Osman | tech

You’ve made an app or game for iOS or Android game and you want to get more downloads but don’t know where to start. The old saying of “If you build it, they will come” doesn’t really apply to apps as much as it does to something like a Cafe Shop where people can just walk right into. You have to put hard work into getting your App or Game known so it can get downloads and go mainstream. Here is where App Shout comes in. It does all that hard work for you and for reasonable fees. I myself have a few games and apps up on Google Playstore and think this service will benefit me greatly.

Get more downloads to your android or ios app game

Here is what App Shout has to say:

We specialize in app-related marketing and advertising that is effective for both new and existing apps. Our packages provide everything you need for your iPhone, iPad or Android app to get noticed, improve ranking in the App Store and subsequently generate more sales.

> Global Coverage

> 60,000 Targeted Journalists

> 250,000 Newswire Subscribers

> 700+ iOS & Android Websites

> 125+ Review Site Submissions

> Up-to 4,000 Mobile Ad Clicks

> Video Demo Creation & Publishing

> Associated Press Distribution

+ More

Prices start at $455

Utorrent android save to SD Card
Sep 02

Save android Utorrent files to SD Card

By Osman | tech

You might be wondering how you can save Utorrent downloads to SD Card on Android devices like Galaxy or HTC phones which most people use for torrent downloads. When you add a torrent, you will notice that you can’t choose a save folder when you try and change save directory. Patience is the answer. You gotta wait until Utorrent does it’s torrent checking thing, and that can take many minutes. Eventually you will be able to browse to the SD Card so you can save your files there. To go up one directory just tap the up arrow until you find the SD 1 or ExtSD folder.

Your phone or tablets internal storage might not be enough for torrents that can be Gigs in size so saving to external SD Card is very important. You don’t want to run out of space on your internal storage as that is used by the system and can affect your device.

Utorrent android save to SD Card


supersu superuser has stopped working error
Aug 31

Fix “Unfortunately SuperSu or Supersu has stopped” Errors

By Osman | tech

Here is an annoying error that I came across and millions of other people have also come across. You will see this error after you thought you rooted your device and often it comes from Chainfire CF Autoroot method. I will tell you another root method that works well and won’t cause this Superuser Fc’ing.

supersu superuser has stopped working error

1. Download the Philz CWM Mod MD5 to flash through Odin for whatever device you are running. In my case it was the T-Mobile Note 2 “T0lte” so make sure you get the specific one for your device. You can Google for it.

2. Download Odin itself. I used version 3.07. As usual make sure that only reset time and autoreboot are the only ones checked. “Don’t click on repartition or your screwed”.

3. Go to Chainfires download page for the CWM Superuser to be flashed inside CWM. Do this from your phone itself to make it easier to browse for it in Philz CWM recovery mode later on.

4. After you have flashed the Philz CWM and reboot into recovery mode. Just browse for your CWMSU v0.96 that you downloaded it. You can find it in download folder on your device. Flash that and once you reboot you will never see that horrible error again and you will have root indeed.

Chrome clear signed in user bookmarks signout
Jun 06

How to clear history of mobile Chrome android browser

By Osman | tech

Are you having a hard time finding where in mobile Android Google Chrome browser to clear your cache and history? Clearing the browsing history on Chrome for Android has always been a bit of a chore. Google Chrome android browser can sure use lot’s of improvements such as ability to set an image as wallpaper without actually downloading it first.

To clear your Google Chrome mobile browser catch go to Settings > Privacy and then at very bottom of screen you will see “Clear browsing data”.

mobile android chrome history clear

slideshare android view presentations
Apr 21

Slideshare lets you discover and view presentations on various topics

By Osman | News


With SlideShare for android, you can discover and view presentations on topics ranging from technology and business to design and entertainment. Share your favorite presentations, or save professional content to read offline or later. SlideShare is the world’s largest community for sharing presentations and professional business content.
Use the app to:
– Browse and view more than 15 million professional presentations
– Discover content tailored toward your own interests, on topics including Technology, Business, Education, News & Politics, Design, Marketing, Finance and Entertainment
– View presentations from your friends and professional network
– Save presentations to read later or offline
and more

slideshare android view presentations

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