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create Mac OSX HFS partition in Windows
Nov 24

Create HFS Mac partition inside Windows

By Osman | tech

Paragon partition manager 2014 lets you create HFS partitions inside windows 7, 8 or 10. I used it to create an HFS Mac partition so I can install Hackintosh Niresh

create Mac OSX HFS partition in Windows

The best part of it is that it is totally free for personal use. It doesn’t come with annoying bundled software or spyware either. Here is download link.

Partitioning is not for amateurs. That is why millions of people have trusted our safe, stable technology and professional software solutions for over 20 years. Our latest 2014 version easily organizes your hard drive and redistributes free space to enhance system performance.


Oct 05

The Apple Workplace: Should we care where our tech comes from?

By Alex The Wonder Spud | tech

I feel that we should care about how it is made but unfortunately most of us do not. When we get our devices we usually don’t even think about where it came from and how it was made and all we really care about is the tablet, phone or device itself and what we can do with it.


Apple have not only been in the news this week for iOS 8, their new iPhone 6 and their new upcoming iWatch. They have also been in the news for their bad quality of working environment. It’s been so bad that people have actually committed suicide over the terrible working conditions. People have also died breathing in a poisonous chemical called n-hexane. As for the most recent news, a cluster of chinese Apple workers have died from cancer and this may be down to the dangerous chemicals used in the factories.

I think we should care about where our technology is made but unfortunately most of us do not. Hopefully Apple will improve the working conditions for people and they should be responsible for all the deaths and suicides.

Apple should make the warehouses in which the technology is made ventilated and breathable and unless they have to they should not use n-hexane because of the deaths from it that are happening every week in the workplace.

Linux OSX Bootable
Jul 12

Best Linux Live USB creators for OSX

By Osman | tech

Here are some great tools I have come across for when you want to create Live or persistent USB Linux distros. Keep in mind that some of these USB Linux Live system creators for OSX may or may not work for certain distros. I would not recommend Unetbootin for Mac because it gave me issues in trying to boot, I was unable to get past the Grub bootloader which is why I decided to share these ones with you.

1. Ubuntu USB Creator

This is the easiest way to create a live linux USB on a mac.

Linux OSX Bootable

2. Mac Linux USB Loader

Tool allowing you to put a Linux distribution on a USB drive and make it bootable on Intel Macs using EFI.

Mac Linux USB Loader is an application that allows you to create bootable USB drives containing a Linux distribution that can boot natively on Apple’s Macintosh computers using its EFI system, regardless of whether or not the selected distribution has UEFI support. It is available in English and is translated into Spanish and Traditional Chinese. For information on available translations, please see here. It has a number of features:

  • Non-destructive install (does not format your USB drive as long as it has a FAT32 filesystem).
  • Supports mainstream Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Zorin, and more.
  • Includes persistence support for Ubuntu-based distributions (for instructions on how to set it up, see this link).
  • Automatically detects all removable devices.

Click here to download the latest stable version of Mac Linux USB Loader.

RunKeeper cycling
Jun 14

Can you track Push-ups, Sit-ups or Squats with Runkeeper?

By Osman | tech

While Runkeeper itself doesn’t offer ability for you to track push ups, sit-ups and squats. The makers of RunKeeper have made other apps that do track squats, sit-ups and push-ups. Here are the apps.

RunKeeper cycling

Gym Hero app

iPhone app to track gym workouts. Made by people who lift for people who lift. Streamlined to be usable in the gym, WHILE working out. No bells and whistles, just plain old workout tracking with a twist – instead of overloading users with lists of hundreds of exercise names, Gym Hero is smart and learns from it’s users.



Fitness tracker app


Fitness Tracker 90 CE is the ultimate workout logging app for use at the gym or at home. It is easy to use, efficient, and fully customizable. If you already know how to perform exercises and are looking for a way to track your progress then this is the app you need. Quick, efficient entry allows you to focus on your workout. Complete customization allows you to tailor your workout routine to your needs. Download and share your workouts on our user Forums.


Gain fitness squats situps

The first of its kind, GAIN Fitness creates custom-built workouts based on certified trainers’ expertise and exercise science principles.


Gymtastic app

iOS app to track your strength workout


. super 7 minute workout


Super 7 Minute Workout is designed to help you unlock your superpowers and get in shape with minimal effort! It consists of 12 short exercises using only body weight, a chair and a wall. The entire workout can be done in almost any setting and only takes 7 minute to finish. Complete 2-3 workouts a day to get in shape in no time! This high-intensity circuit training program is based on a published scientific study that was featured in the New York Times in 2013. Download it now for FREE! For more apps by Runkeeper visit:

ios 8 iphone 5
Jun 03

iOS 8 features apple didn’t talk about

By Osman | News

ios 8 iphone 5

There’s plenty of great new stuff coming in iOS 8. You’ll be able to remote control your phone from your computer to send text messages. There’s soon to be an army of new keyboard options. It’s a brave new world. But Apple didn’t even mention some of the best new features on stage.

There are a wealth of little tweaks and additions Apple didn’t find the time to showcase on stage, but there are two that jumped out at us specifically.

iOS 8 features

Battery usage by app: A feature that’s admittedly been in Android for a while, the ability to gauge which apps specifically are draining power is huge boon to anyone who wants to extend the all-too-short life of their trusty iPhone. Battery life is the most important spec, after all.

ios 8 battery gauge

Separate focus and exposure for the camera: Instead of having to pick one object for your focus and exposure, you can now switch it up. Just pick your focus, and then slide your finger up and down on the screen to tweak your exposure manually.

Which of these little, hidden features turn out to be the best is something only time will tell, but there are definitely some wonderful nuggets tucked away beneath iOS 8’s surface.

Messages now lets you send your exact location.

iOS 8 location text message

Apple unveiled the new location sharing features in the stock iOS 8 Messages app. The location features allow you to send a one time message containing your current location, or you can establish location sharing for an hour, entire day, or indefinitely.

May 27

Hackers remotely lock some iOS devices and Macs

By Osman | News reported that a number of iOS and Mac users in Australia are reporting a growing problem on the Apple Support forums in which hackers are remotely locking iPads, iPods, iPhones and Macs through iCloud. Below is link to thread.

Member veritylikestea on Apple Support Communities:

i was using my ipad a short while ago when suddenly it locked itself, and was askiwhich I’d never previously set up. I went to check my phone and there was a message on the screen (it’s still there) saying that my device(s) had been hacked by ‘Oleg Pliss’ and he/she/they demanded $100 USD/EUR to return them to me.

Member Sei_L on Apple’s forums also reports a similar message:

Same things here, both Ipads got the “hacked by Oleg Pliss” message, both have passcodes. In Western Australia also. I’ve chatted with Apple Chat and they said “this is very serious.” They’ve set up a phone call back from the correct department (whoever they are) tomorrow morning so we’ll see what happens then. We can access the ipads because they both had passcodes but when an app is used, it comes up with GameCentre password request; we didn’t put it in.

IT security expert Troy Hunt commented on the specifics of the issue, stating that the hackers are likely using compromised data exposed from recent security breaches to login to iCloud accounts. Hunt also notes that the accounts hacked were likely not using two-step verification, suggesting that a single password would have not had granted access had the feature been turned on.

Affected users in Australia have been discussing the issue on Twitter and Apple’s own support forum.

icloud hacked

iPhone 6 rumors
May 18

Apple to increase resolution of iPhone 6?

By Osman | tech

The newest iPhone 6 rumor to roll off the presses is that Apple is set to increase the device’s resolution to 1,740 x 960, far surpassing its previously vaunted Retina Display technology.

Apple has been known to bring new surprises to the table and catch competitors off guard with new technologies. I have a feeling this time Apple may even introduce a Phablet to compete with the Note 3.
iPhone 6 rumors

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