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EA Mobile transaction card fraud
Jan 17

Fraud charge from EA though Google on your bank card

By Osman | tech

Have you seen a fraudulent charge from EA mobile Google or something similar to that? You are not alone. This has happened to me many times recently. Even though I cancel my bank card and get a new one and do a charge back to get my money back, I still see charges coming through from EA Mobile.

EA Mobile transaction card fraud

What I wish I can understand is how they are even doing this or finding my credit card information. I am considering contacting the FBI, because I am not the only person that has gone through this. Tons of other people are reporting it and this is mass transaction card fraud.

Here is what people are saying on about this transaction fraud.

I have paid for What’s App once. You’ve charged twice.
And additionally you are charging for GOOGLE *EA Mobile GOOGLE.COM/CH
And you are charging 0,89 € again and again and again. (3 times)
Stopp this immediately! 3,45 € are overdue!

I have paid for What’s App once. You’ve charged twice.
And additionally you are charging for GOOGLE *EA Mobile GOOGLE.COM/CH
And you are charging 0,89 € again and again and again. (3 times)
Stopp this immediately! 3,45 € are overdue!

Google to start selling facebook ads
Jun 19

Google Places is now Google My Business

By Osman | tech

Google has changed the Google Places to Google My Business. People who are registered with Google places received the below email.

Google places for business

Let the world know who you are.

Google Places for Business is now Google My Business. It makes it easier to connect with your customers and make a name for “Comprehensive Rehab Centers Of MN – Chiropractic” online.

Tips for successful sharing:
Keep your content fresh and public
Share what’s new with your business, important updates from your community and more.
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Post exclusive events and deals
Promote special offers and big sales events and ensure great turnouts with Google+ events.
Post an event »
Share beautiful, high-quality photos
Pick up your smartphone or camera and take photos of your window display and your best selling products.
Share your photos »
Record a behind-the-scenes tour
Use Hangouts on Air from your laptop to broadcast a video recording of your business or your team in action.
Start recording »
Respond to your customers
Think of your posts as a dialogue. Respond to comments and follow your followers back.
Review your notifications »
Chrome clear signed in user bookmarks signout
Jun 06

How to clear history of mobile Chrome android browser

By Osman | tech

Are you having a hard time finding where in mobile Android Google Chrome browser to clear your cache and history? Clearing the browsing history on Chrome for Android has always been a bit of a chore. Google Chrome android browser can sure use lot’s of improvements such as ability to set an image as wallpaper without actually downloading it first.

To clear your Google Chrome mobile browser catch go to Settings > Privacy and then at very bottom of screen you will see “Clear browsing data”.

mobile android chrome history clear

Google Europe
May 30

Google allows removal requests by European citizens.

By Osman | tech

Google Europe
Google on Thursday began allowing European citizens to request the removal of embarrassing or objectionable search results about their personal lives.

The move was made to comply with this month’s landmark ruling by Europe’s highest court, which said individuals have the “right to be forgotten” online.

Europeans from 32 countries can now access an online form to explain what links they want removed and why the results are “irrelevant, outdated, or otherwise inappropriate.”

Employees at Google will then decide whether it is in the public interest to keep the links accessible or remove them from search results in Europe.

Google did not say how long it would take for the results to disappear. Thousands of removal requests have been made since the ruling.

For now, Google says the search results will only be altered in Europe. It remains to be seen if the ruling will also trigger similar decisions elsewhere.

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt has said he is disappointed with the decision by the European Union Court of Justice, but says he will work with authorities to implement the ruling.

The California-based company has formed an advisory committee, made up of Google executives and outside experts, to deal with how to balance privacy rights with the public’s right to access information.

Jasmine youtube player app alternative
May 28

Apps that are better than their official counterparts

By Osman | tech

Third-party apps are often some of our favorites. Here are some third party apps that are better than their official counterparts.


Jasmine youtube player app alternative Jasmine is a YouTube app for both the iPad and iPhone that looks fantastic and has a few handy features that set it apart from the official YouTube app. Jasmine offers an absolutely gorgeous YouTube viewing experience on the iPhone and iPad that even the official apps can’t compare to


Twicca alternative Twitter app Twicca is a fast, free, full-featured Twitter client for Android that proves iOS doesn’t have a complete lock on beautifully designed apps. The app’s been in beta since last year, even though it works flawlessly. Many people have never heard of it because all information for the app was in Japanese at first. It wasn’t until the Android Market entry for twicca was translated to English that people outside Japan began downloading it in droves.

Metrotube for Windows Phone 8

Metro Tube Youtube player Windows Phone 8 A stylish Youtube app for Windows Phone. A great YouTube player. The only problem is the age filter. Even if you are signed into your account on this app, it will not play any videos flagged for viewers being 18+. They should really fix it.

Press instead of Feedly

Press reader Feedly alternative Press is a simple and elegant RSS client for popular syncing services. It’s fast and clean, giving you the freedom to enjoy your favorite news.

We designed an app that we want to use and hopefully our attention to detail will be evident on every screen. Follow us on Twitter @25Squares

Dropcam Google aquire
May 27

Google to offer home security cameras soon.

By Osman | tech

Dropcam Google aquire
The security camera firm Dropcam provides a camera that is connected to the Internet for $150, and Google is said to be planning to acquire Dropcam.

Dropcam can be controlled by a special app available that enables users to see live video feeds, zoom and record video footage. Moreover, the Dropcam camera features a two-way talk back, night vision option and digital zoom as reported by the The Information tech blog. The tech blog also mentioned that according to sources close to Google, its Nest division is planning go into the home-security market and has thought of buying Dropcam to speed up the realization of the plan.

Lenovo buys Motorola
Jan 29

Google to sell Motorola to Lenovo

By Osman | News , techlivewire

Lenovo buys Motorola

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, and Mountain View, California – January 29, 2014: Lenovo (HKSE: 992) (ADR: LNVGY) and Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) today have entered into a definitive agreement under which Lenovo plans to acquire the Motorola Mobility smartphone business. With a strong PC business and a fast-growing smartphone business, this agreement will significantly strengthen Lenovo’s position in the smartphone market. In addition, Lenovo will gain a strong market presence in North America and Latin America, as well as a foothold in Western Europe, to complement its strong, fast-growing smartphone business in emerging markets around the world.

The purchase price is approximately US$2.91 billion (subject to certain adjustments), including US$1.41 billion paid at close, comprised of US$660 million in cash and US$750 million in Lenovo ordinary shares (subject to a share cap/floor). The remaining US$1.5 billion will be paid in the form of a three-year promissory note.

Lenovo, which in 2005 acquired IBM’s PC business and its legendary PC brand, will now acquire world-renowned Motorola Mobility, including the MOTOROLA brand and Motorola Mobility’s portfolio of innovative smartphones like the Moto X and Moto G and the DROID™ Ultra series. In addition to current products, Lenovo will take ownership of the future Motorola Mobility product roadmap.

Google will maintain ownership of the vast majority of the Motorola Mobility patent portfolio, including current patent applications and invention disclosures. As part of its ongoing relationship with Google, Lenovo will receive a license to this rich portfolio of patents and other intellectual property. Additionally Lenovo will receive over 2,000 patent assets, as well as the Motorola Mobility brand and trademark portfolio.

Motorola Mobility enjoys outstanding brand awareness around the world, and is currently the #3 Android smartphone manufacturer in the U.S. and #3 manufacturer overall in Latin America.

“The acquisition of such an iconic brand, innovative product portfolio and incredibly talented global team will immediately make Lenovo a strong global competitor in smartphones. We will immediately have the opportunity to become a strong global player in the fast-growing mobile space," said Yang Yuanqing, chairman and CEO of Lenovo. “We are confident that we can bring together the best of both companies to deliver products customers will love and a strong, growing business. Lenovo has a proven track record of successfully embracing and strengthening great brands – as we did with IBM’s Think brand – and smoothly and efficiently integrating companies around-the-world. I am confident we will be successful with this process, and that our companies will not only maintain our current momentum in the market, but also build a strong foundation for the future."

“Lenovo has the expertise and track record to scale Motorola Mobility into a major player within the Android ecosystem. This move will enable Google to devote our energy to driving innovation across the Android ecosystem, for the benefit of smartphone users everywhere," said Larry Page, CEO, Google.

“As part of Lenovo, Motorola Mobility will have a rapid path to achieving our goal of reaching the next 100 million people with the mobile Internet. With the recent launches of Moto X and Moto G, we have tremendous momentum right now and Lenovo’s hardware expertise and global reach will only help to accelerate this," said Dennis Woodside, CEO, Motorola Mobility.

The transaction is subject to the satisfaction of regulatory requirements, customary closing conditions and any other needed approvals.

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