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Nov 01

Note 4 disable spell check or auto correction

By Osman | tech

You may want to disable spell check or auto-correction on the Note 4 because you type in another language and it keeps correcting you which gets annoying. You can disable auto correct same way that other Galaxy devices are disabled. Scroll below and click my other articles on the S5 or S4 on how to do this. It is better to link you than going through this matter again. All touchwhiz devise are similar in the way you disable spell check and auto correction.note4 disable auto-correction or spellcheck




Unlock T-Mobile Note 3
Oct 09

Easily unlock T-Mobile Note 3

By Osman | tech

It is quite easy to unlock the T-Mobile Note 3. All you have to do is download Towel Root from and then root your Note 3 if it is not already rooted. After you root it, Download supersu from Google Playstore and open SuperSu to update the binaries. Supersu will ask you if you want to disable Knox, I said Yes because I hate Knox. After you do this, go to on your Note 3 browser and type “Chainfire Region Unlock apk” and you should see the XDA Forum post by Chainfire who will allow you to freely download his Region Unlock app but if you feel like buying him a beer, go to the Google Playstore and download his Chainfire region unlock app from there for a small fee of like $2.99.

Unlock T-Mobile Note 3

After you download Chainfire’s Region unlock. Go open the app and give it Super User access. It will allow you to region unlock your Note 3. Restart your phone and you are now unlocked for the whole world.

Odin flash failed error auth
Aug 18

Fix Odin Unable to flash stock rom Write Protection Enabled

By Osman | tech

You may have encountered Odin failing the moment you click the start button. Do not worry, this error has nothing to do with “Write Protection: Enable“. This just means the USB chord you are using is bad. The original one would be ideal to use with Odin but any other USB Chord should work. I think the reason Odin fails with some USB chords is due to the data transfer rate of those chords. Maybe Odin has a built in mechanism that prevents it from flashing any phone if data transfer rate is too slow to prevent unfinished flashes, this is a safe guard to prevent your device from bricking.

Another issue you may have noticed with Odin is fail auth when trying to flash a stock rom or a tar/md5 file to root your device. I have tested 2 different stock roms and 1 experienced a fail but other one flashed just fine. The one that flashed fine was the newer rom while the older rom would not flash. I think the reason the older one would not flash was due to Samsung not allowing a downgrade. I am guessing but if I find out for sure I will update this article.

Odin flash failed error auth

HTC One M8 Custom Rom
Aug 02

Best custom roms for the HTC One M8

By Osman | tech

The HTC One M8 is the best phone ever made by HTC . We all know that in the past, HTC phone quality wasn’t up to same level as Apple or Samsung’s but things have changed now. The HTC M8 phone itself is amazing but I just do not like the Blinkfeed centered launcher interface that HTC forces on people. I have flashed Cyanogenmod 11 and installed the free theme called Cyanoid which you can find in the Google Playstore, and I know have the best experience on a smartphone. The thing I like about Cyanogenmod over other roms is that it is simple and doesn’t have added stuff that dev’s of other roms put in the roms they cook up. SlimKat rom would be another great choice but for now I am sticking with Cyanogenmod 11. I am running the nightly 11-20140731-Nightly-m8 which is nice and stable. I haven’t experienced any issues at all. Best of all, battery life is great.

Visit to get the latest Cyanogenmod and you won’t have to worry about bloatware and other crap that default HTC android system comes with.

Of course to get the rom in your phone in the first place you will have to get your bootloader unlocked through the official HTC Bootloader unlock website.

Samsung and LG don’t offer this convenience of allowing people to unlock their bootloaders. That is what sets HTC apart from other Smartphone makers and that is why I will keep on buying new HTC smartphone releases. Checkout below screenshots.

HTC One M8 Custom Rom

HTC One M8 custom rom best Cyanogenmod

HTC One M8
Jul 31

HTC One M8 easily enter Safeboot mode

By Osman | tech

Are you having trouble getting into Safeboot on the HTC One M8? Those guides that I used didn’t help me because the way they told me to use the button combinations didn’t work. The only button combination that worked for me was to turn the phone off and then hold volume down and power button at same time. Those other tutorials said to hold volume down first then hit power and go back to holding down volume down again, which never worked for me.
HTC One M8

Getting into Safeboot mode is the first step in rooting and unlocking bootloader so that you can flash custom roms like I did. I just cannot stand using that BlinkFeed centered and bloat filled system that HTC put in this high quality smartphone.

There are plenty of guides online that you can follow to root and install custom roms.

Galaxy S5 restrict mobile data.
Jul 13

Enable or disable mobile background data on Galaxy S5

By Osman | tech

Lots of people are having trouble finding where to restrict background data usage. Most people that are on prepaid plans have a set amount of 4G or LTE allowance before they get very slow speeds from their carriers so it is wise for people with such prepaids plans to restrict background data unless they are connected to a Wifi signal.

Here is how to restrict background data on the Galaxy S5. Tap on settings and then go into Data usage. You will then see 3 dots on the top right corner which when tapped will drop down the following menu which I took a screenshot of.

If you check mark Restrict background data you will see a message popup “Restricting background data will stop some apps and services from working unless device is connected to a Wi-Fi network.” Hit OK and your finished. And if you want to un-restrict it, just do the opposite. This should also work for other touchwhiz devices like the Note 3, Galaxy S3 or S4.

Notice message says “will stop some apps” because it can’t restrict everything. You may have other apps like Tango, Viber etc that can still be using background data. If you uncheck Auto sync, you will stop automatic synching of apps with accounts like Google, Facebook etc.

Galaxy S5 restrict mobile data.

S5 overheating fix
Jul 11


By Osman | tech

Are you experiencing overheating issues with your S5? You may have noticed your Galaxy S5 battery heating up too. This fix I am about to tell you can also be applied to other android phones like the LG G3, Sony Xperia Z2 or HTC phones. I noticed the message “Unable to increase the brightness further. The device is overheating" when my phone got hot for no apparent reason and with no CPU intensive app or game running.

To fix this issue:

Take off cover and battery and just put the backside of the phone in front of a fan or if you don’t have a fan nearby, just wave it in the air back and forth to get air in it. That helps it cool down. Next, put the battery back inside and then hold volume up, home and power buttons at the same time. You should get into recovery mode, while you are in recovery mode choose the option that says “Clear Cache". This will clear the catch. Finally boot up your phone like normal and you should notice it is no longer overheating. When a phone is overheating, it drains battery fast so it is in your best interest to do something to fix the overheating problem. Some apps and games can also cause overheating.

S5 overheating fix

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