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Flippa scams avoid rip off
Sep 09

Thinking of buying a site on Flippa? Here are tips to avoid being ripped off

By Osman | tech

Some people I know got scammed on so I decided to write this article to teach people ways they can avoid being scammed on Flippa. There are lots of bad people on Flippa that will make a site look like it is really making money when it is not. They can use fake traffic and do other tricky stuff. Here is a list of things you should look for before you buy so you don’t risk being scammed.

Flippa scams avoid rip off

1. Sites that run on Cloudflare or especially Incapsula block bots so those kinds of sites are less likely to be getting false traffic from bots or other traffic generation method. You are looking to buy a site that gets real visitors. You can do a whois lookup via to see if nameservers are Incapsula or

2. Sites that are getting real visitors will often have content shared by people on forums and other places so you can look at backlinks.

You can do a custom Google search query to see sites that are linking back to the site you intend to bid on or buy. Here is an example query of which is a popular and growing Tech blog since 2008.…2864.5084.0.5380.….0…1c.1.53.serp..15.1.225.WYDPl6FTy9o

3. You can use and other tools like that will give you traffic stats.

4. If a person is claiming Adsense revenue, ask that person to add you in their Adsense panel as a user so you can see earnings stats and more. You should also ask that person to give you access to their Analytics panel and Google also allows a person to add another user to Analytics. Often times the scammers don’t report Adsense income but instead report Paypal sales earnings and those I avoid myself I will buy a site. I know there are lots of legitimate sellers out there with real sales earnings through Paypal but scammers still mention Paypal instead of Adsense earnings.

I have seen some Flippa auctions where Adsense proof showed huge spikes in earnings throughout the month and that kind of thing is suspicious to me. One that was clearly odd big time was a sites AdSense proof that showed $80 and $60 plus earnings 3 different times in one month, and yet the average earnings was $15 a day. This hinted to me that some kind of traffic is either being sent there or bots are AdSense clicking to increase earnings.

If you do get Analytics access, make sure that most visitors are from either Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, UK which are the prospering countries because higher earnings are linked with visitors coming from these countries.

5. Look at the web archive to see when the site Officially came online and how it looked through out the years or months it was online. Make sure what the seller tells you matches up with what you see in stats and web archive.*/

If you go to and type the url of the website your about to buy, see if it has Certified Metrics because Alexa will show certified traffic data if a webmaster pays the $9.99 monthly Alexa fee and also installs the tracking script on their site. I do not trust Alexa unless it is Certified Metrics. The lower the Alexa number the higher the traffic a website gets.

That is all for now, I hope that benefited you.


Fix Kindle Fire issues
Aug 20

Fix Kindle Fire not turning on issues

By Osman | tech

If your Kindle Fire won’t turn on, you can try disconnecting the charger, hold the power button for 30 seconds and then pressing power button again. This usually gets it to turn on.

Fix Kindle Fire issues

Another problem you may face in the kindle fire is your computer not recognizing your Kindle. You could fix that by un-installing the drivers and then re-installing the driver. That should get the PC to recognize the Kindle Fire. You can reference

Another issue users reported is the sleep of death after rooting in which the screen doesn’t come back on after it goes to sleep. This is usually caused by Wi-Fi still being turned on when screen shuts off. An app called Auto Airplane Mode automatically turns off your Wifi when your Kindle screen goes blank. This App will prevent you from getting the screen of death on your Kindle Fire or Fire HD.

Kindle Fire battery issues fix

If your Kindle Fire or Fire HD is not charging. 70% of the time the issue is caused by a bad charging Chord. Get a new one and it will most likely start charging your Kindle just fine.

Broken image fix
Jul 12

Fix WordPress broken images after importing XML

By Osman | tech

You’ve imported your sites XML to restore your site but yet all images start showing up as broken.

Broken image fix

I initially could not figure out what was causing this but after some research I found out that the importer was adding an extra 1 before the extension in image urls inside posts that are imported. What I did to fix this issue was use the Search and Replace plugin.

You have to be careful with this search and replace plugin because it has the capability to mass modify posts or anything else in your WordPress DB. PHPMYAdmin query can also do what Search and Replace does but it is easier to use search and replace. I fired up the Search and Replace plugin, and all I did was checkmark “Search in Content” and then typed “1.jpg” inside the Search For field. Then in the Replace with field I just typed .jpg. After I did this I have that noticed all JPEG photos that were broken inside posts have started showing up again. I did the same thing for PNG, GIF’s and JPEGs and I got all my images back.

Search for
Replaced with
Jul 11


By Osman | tech , techlivewire

Sometimes you may get an unable to download error in Google Playstore, and this can be caused by various factors. play

For me the reason I got that error was I was in a state or i.p. address that the app doesn’t do business with so I suspected that was most likely the reason why I got that error. Some of the error codes you may encounter can be 919, 419, 923, 498, 492, 495, 403, 24 and 920

To fix one of these Play store errors Go to Settings > Accounts > Google and remove your Google account. Then add it back to the device and try re-download the App. If it doesn’t work and the error is still there give it some time. It’ll likely clear itself out and you’ll be able to download the App later.

You can also try:

Going to Manage applications on your phone settings, and then find Google Play, then press the “Force stop" and finally “Clear Data".

Sometimes waiting 10 minutes and attempting another download is the best idea because that worked for me once. Error could be caused by you experiencing network issues even if you are not aware you are.

You can also download Kies if you are on a Samsung android phone and update your phone. Updating any smartphone will have positive effects.

S5 overheating fix
Jul 11


By Osman | tech

Are you experiencing overheating issues with your S5? You may have noticed your Galaxy S5 battery heating up too. This fix I am about to tell you can also be applied to other android phones like the LG G3, Sony Xperia Z2 or HTC phones. I noticed the message “Unable to increase the brightness further. The device is overheating" when my phone got hot for no apparent reason and with no CPU intensive app or game running.

To fix this issue:

Take off cover and battery and just put the backside of the phone in front of a fan or if you don’t have a fan nearby, just wave it in the air back and forth to get air in it. That helps it cool down. Next, put the battery back inside and then hold volume up, home and power buttons at the same time. You should get into recovery mode, while you are in recovery mode choose the option that says “Clear Cache". This will clear the catch. Finally boot up your phone like normal and you should notice it is no longer overheating. When a phone is overheating, it drains battery fast so it is in your best interest to do something to fix the overheating problem. Some apps and games can also cause overheating.

S5 overheating fix

Spotify tips
Jun 17

Spotify tips

By Osman | News

Spotify tips

Link to a specific point in a track so you can have your friend listen to your favorite part

Similar to Youtube, you can link to a specific point in a track. Right-click the track name and hit “Copy Spotify URI.”

After you have the address, add a pound sign (“#”) then add the time in minutes and seconds, separated by a colon, to the end of the URL. Example, a point one minute and 30 seconds into a song should look like this: “#1:30“. Leave out the quote marks and make sure you don’t include any spaces.

When your friends click the link, the song will start playing at that specific point in the song just like Youtube vids do when you share a specific time in a video.

Import your songs from iTunes when Spotify doesn’t have some of your favorite tracks

You can easily import MP3 files and iTunes playlists to Spotify.

Hit File > Import Playlists > iTunes.


Collaborate with friends on Playlists

By switching a playlist to “Collaborative” mode, you have the option to share it with friends so they can add songs too.

You can do this by right-clicking on a playlist and check “Collaborative Playlist.”


Make your life easier by organizing playlists in folders.

A little organization can go a long way.

To create a new playlist folder, click File > New Playlist Folder. Or, you can use the keyboard shortcut Cmd + Shift + N.



See what you listen to the most


Unlike iTunes, Spotify doesn’t have a handy toolbar sort of feature to see the tracks you’ve played the most. There’s still an easy way to figure out which songs you play out to the most.

In the left sidebar under Apps, you can click Top Lists to see a listing of the most popular songs and albums. Then you can click the drop down menu to the right of tracks to see your top tracks, albums, or artists.


And finally here is a nice tool called Playlistify built by ANERDGUYNOW

He now made his script a windows application to make creating and managing Spotify playlists dead simple: Playlistify.

Drag/drop the output back to your Spotify playlist!


Download at (47Kb)

Source Code

learn how to dj music
Jun 12

Best ways to learn how to DJ

By Osman | tech

The fastest way to learn how to beat match, or others may call it beat mix, is to be able to distinguish the different rhythms from each other while mixing. For example, if deck 1 is playing out and has a regular four to the floor beat (kick drum, high hat, and clap/snare a la; boom tiss chack tiss, boom tiss chack tiss), and deck 2 is playng a chuggy tribal beat (a la; boom da boom boom, boom da boom boom) the secret formula to mastering beat matching is actually rhythm matching. learn how to dj music I found for me the best way to learn was to use computer software to learn. This is also a good way to figure out if it’s really for you, before you spend any money on expensive equipment. Download a program called Virtual DJ . It’s very basic, and helps you with beatmatching, mixing tracks, keys, finding cue points etc. There are tons of versions of it on The Pirate Bay, so it’s easy to get a hold of. Also, watch this video, it helps with Virtual DJ a lot. Also consider using a Mac instead of PC for mixing or recording. Most people use Mac’s for video or audio editing. Another great way to learn to DJ is to connect with people that you know who are DJs as well, and check youtube vids. You should check lots of vids as far as DJs that can blend, not just cats that either backspin, or just press a reverb button that acts as an “in-between” effect, before they play the next track, don’t go that way. Also, consider visiting this Wikihow tutorial on how to DJ

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