Technology and Sleep

Mobile use while sleep

Every year we are amazed at the latest innovations in technology. It seems that living in a time when technological devices weren’t the center of our lives was a million lifetimes ago.

Some of us remember a time when you would leave your house without a phone at all. The earliest memories of others include some type of cellular phone, even if all it did was flip open. Today you can’t go anywhere without your smartphone, your tablet, and if you are a serious technological lover, your laptop comes along too.

We love technology, that’s why we put this website together, whether we are talking about yard work or sleep patterns. So we grew curious about how technology and sleep are working together. Are people losing sleep because of the newest technology or are they gaining? The results came to be a little bit of both.

Losing Sleep

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that technology can have a negative effect on our sleeping habits. We look at our phones all day and when we go to bed some of us have the television on while we play a game on our tablet. Then we check social media on our smart-phones.

Of course, there are many ways in which other items in our bedroom could keep us awake. There’s the TV, which can be left on and add to the light and noise pollution in your bedroom. There’s the traffic outside if you live in an urban area, which can be loud. Then there’s your mattress, which can rob you of your sleep if you aren’t sleeping on a good one.

If you are having pain in your back, neck, shoulders, or hips, then it’s possible your mattress might be stealing your precious sleep. Investing in a new mattress could be a great move for you if this is the case. Here is a review of the Zenhaven Mattress by the Sleep Judge, which is highly rated and created with quality, all-natural materials. We invest so much of our money into our technology, wouldn’t it be smart to make that same investment in our sleep?

Technology as a Sleep Aid

There are a good deal of gadgets on the market today that can aid in our sleep. Sure, your phone can glare in your face all night, but once we shut it off, you’ll be amazed at all the ways technology is helping us get the sleep we need.

Sunrise in Your Bedroom

There is the Beurer WL90 Wake-up Light, which is a spherical lamp/speaker system/phone charger. This futuristic night light can mimic sunlight and sunset, which is what drives your circadian rhythms.

Mask It

This technological innovation by Neuroon not only masks your eyes when you are trying to sleep, it tracks your sleep patterns and lets you know the best time for taking a power nap. Also, this sleep mask, that resembles a virtual reality gadget, will wake you during light sleep opposed to deep, which limits that feeling of drowsiness.

App Aid

Whoever first said, “There’s an app for that” wasn’t kidding. While it’s well known that looking at your phone before bed can harm your sleeping pattern, with the app Sleepfulness your smartphone can help you relax before bed. It has guided meditations and gives us facts about sleep.

Breath Measurement

A device called the SPLUS sits by the side of your bed and analyzes you while you sleep. It listens to your breathing, knows when you are twitching or moving around. Once it has enough information the SPLUS gives you suggestions to improve your sleep.

What Technology Is Harmful to Your Sleep

The items that fall under this heading are the pieces of technology we love the most. Our tablets, laptops, and smartphones. Let’s face it, technology is taking over. You can’t go out of your home without seeing someone taking a selfie or searching their social media accounts.

Still, stepping away from the screen once in a while isn’t a bad thing. In regards to your sleep quality, shut it off. Your brain needs to unwind and, if you are staring at the screen, it won’t have time to do that.

No Melatonin

This hormone is important when it comes to sleeping. The glare of our screens suppresses it’s production. It is recommended to shut it all down at least 30 minutes before you go to sleep. Take the television out of your bedroom. This will help your production of melatonin and you’ll love your rest.


Technology isn’t the wave of the future. Technology is today. According to this review from MIT, science has been working on a brain implant that reverses paralysis and a program that will allow you to pay the dinner check with your face. Omitting it from our lives is out of the question, even if we wanted to. Although why anyone would want to give up technology is beyond us.

Still, sleep is important, so eliminate the harmful screens 30 minutes before bed and check out some technological aids if shutting down doesn’t help you sleep better. Remember, your smartphone will still be there when you are awake and well rested.


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