The Apple Workplace: Should we care where our tech comes from?

I feel that we should care about how it is made but unfortunately most of us do not. When we get our devices we usually don’t even think about where it came from and how it was made and all we really care about is the tablet, phone or device itself and what we can do with it.


Apple have not only been in the news this week for iOS 8, their new iPhone 6 and their new upcoming iWatch. They have also been in the news for their bad quality of working environment. It’s been so bad that people have actually committed suicide over the terrible working conditions. People have also died breathing in a poisonous chemical called n-hexane. As for the most recent news, a cluster of chinese Apple workers have died from cancer and this may be down to the dangerous chemicals used in the factories.

I think we should care about where our technology is made but unfortunately most of us do not. Hopefully Apple will improve the working conditions for people and they should be responsible for all the deaths and suicides.

Apple should make the warehouses in which the technology is made ventilated and breathable and unless they have to they should not use n-hexane because of the deaths from it that are happening every week in the workplace.

Alex The Wonder Spud

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