The Best Educational Apps and Games for Kids

Here are the best apps and games for your kids to spark their imagination and improve brain power.  I will keep updating this list so check back regularly.  Great thanks to life hacker for these app recommendations.



Platform: Windows/Mac/Linux

Cost: Free

Ages 3 and up

From a child’s point of view they can make games and animation (and a lot more) but from a parent/educator’s point of view it’s a brilliant way to learn about programming through play. Kids seem to just get lost in it and it definitely sparks their imagination.

Brain Pop



Platform: Web | Chrome App | iOS |Android | Windows 8

Cost: Free for Featured Movie version; subscriptions $1.99 or $6.99 per month

Recommended Age Range: ages 8-17

The app presents interesting topics in short, bite-sized animations, and the antics of the main characters, Tim and Moby the robot, are hilarious. Topics cover the gamut: 750+ science, social studies, english, math, engineering and tech, health, and arts and music subjects. There are quizzes too to help kids test their knowledge.


Bugs and Numbers

bugs and numbers

Platform: IOS

Cost: $2.99 (Well worth it)

Ages 3 to 6  They recommend PreK to 2nd grade

Teaches numbers, as well as other skills such as, left and right, shapes, sorting, etc. 18 well thought out mini games with realistic bugs. I like that the games don’t really include instructions, they give you several tries to figure it out and then nudge you along. It increases in difficulty as you go.  I could write more, but don’t have time, just give it a go.



Platform: PC | 3DS | Android | iOS

Ages 6+

In Scribblenauts, there are puzzles. To solve the puzzles, you type in the name of something (almost anything), and that thing appears. House on fire? Conjure up a fireman, a thunderstorm, or a fire extinguisher.


Meteor Math

math apps

Platform: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (best on iPad)

Cost: Free

Ages: 4+

Why You Recommend It: When kids start learning addition with flashcards (for speed, recognition of basic addition of numbers between 1 and 20 added to same), this game rocks. Kids have opportunities to add more time to the countdown with correct answers and bonus items to click on. Kids must click on two meteors that add together to make the requested value. (Also supports subtraction, mult, division). Cool sound and voice effects (LEVEL UP!)