The Best Types of Gaming Furniture

gaming desk

Gaming is a phenomenon that has taken many people by surprise on how fun and exciting it can be. Gaming is an escape from reality. This is true regardless if you are a teenager, adult, student or professional.  The art of gaming has now grown so big. There are actually professional tournaments where people from all over the globe team up to win incredible prizes. Some people who have chosen gaming as their careers. There are now professional players, graphic designers,  developers or tournament organizers. You can play thousands upon thousands of games via computer or console. Games can range from mature with violence to kid-friendly with an educational theme.

But spending large chunks of time in the same position can be taxing on the body. Some people even lose track of time while gaming. They won’t even realize they sat in a chair in the same position for the last three hours! And we have just the thing for these situations. Throughout this article, we will touch on some of the best forms of furniture to use while gaming, from a chair to a coffee table to a raised platform bed that can be used to provide support and comfort.

King of the Game Room – Chairs

The single most important piece of furniture you will find in the room of any gamer will be the chair. This is where the majority of the fun happens and where the greatest loss of time can occur. When losing yourself in your game, you tend to forget to shift position or stand up to stretch.

Having an ergonomic chair can help reduce symptoms caused by the lack of movement. There are numerous blogs and reviews of game chairs that are easily available at your fingertips. Gamer’s chairs are available at department stores or electronic stores. Online stores can offer more options in size and color as well!

Choose a chair that provides more than adequate support on the back and arms, preferably with a cushioned headrest that keeps the spine aligned properly. A chair that either has a footstool built in or designed for your feet to touch the ground will also provide relief against stiffness and muscle aches.

Where to Put Things? Side Tables – Coffee Tables

You have your drinks, your snacks, your console and your controllers, but wait! Where do you put it all? You’ll need your hands free to maneuver the controller, but you know that thirst will become an issue. Look for a raised table that is the height of the armrest of your chair. This will help prevent awkward stretching and provide a barrier against knocking anything over while trying to reach it.

If you prefer to have everything beside you, look for a side-table that can be attached to your chair. If you prefer everything in front of you, a raised coffee table can pull double duty as both a table and a footstool!

Time to Move – Platform Beds

When your body has called it quits and just cannot support you sitting up anymore, it is time to maneuver yourself to a different location! But you can’t just stop the game, maybe you are finally conquering a hard level and it’s a matter of pride, or you are in the middle of a tournament with all your friends. So, what is there to do? Where is there to move? If you have the space for a bed in your game room, put it in a spot where you can easily see the console and TV while still being able to stretch out in a more horizontal position.

Having a platform type bed can be super beneficial due to its raised, rectangular design. These beds are simple and only needs a mattress. It is supported by rows of flexible wooden slats or interwoven framework structure.

I would also suggest choosing a plush mattress that supports the body while still providing height to see the consoles and TV. Not sure what mattress would be best in a platform bed? Check out Sleep Buffs, where you will find a comprehensive section on platforms beds and the best mattresses you can purchase for a wide range of needs.


Gaming is more than just a series of graphics on the screen. It’s an activity that lets you use problem-solving skills while exercising the mind. It can be a social platform where you can use your console and game to connect with your friends or even strangers all around the globe. Maybe you only enjoy the scattered sessions of gaming or perhaps you are a hardcore gamer, spending a majority of your time with a console and controller. Whichever side of the fence you fall on, isn’t it always better to do something you enjoy in peace and comfort? Game On!


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